Help me understand zooz scene control switches

Ok zen-21 switch. Currently turns the lamps on and off by controlling an outlet. I'd like to put hue bulbs in lamps and control with buttons from the scene controller. Tap top once turn on hue bulbs. Tap bottom hue bulbs turn off.

Having hue bulbs will make the better half happy. Changing how the switch works to control them will not.

Was hoping to be able to control the hue bulbs as normal on/off and make outlet double tap on/double tap off

I seem to get a switch on and a button push event. Is It a choice in being a switch or scene controller but not both?

Some switches/dimmers have the option to disable local and/or remote control (colloquially, some people loosely call this disabling the relay, regardless of the underlying electronics). In the manual for apparently the newest version of this device, I don't see a Z-Wave parameter for that or anything about local or remote protection. However, I know Zooz added this to their entire line a while back. A community (now staff) member managed to apparently find the correct docs, unlike me, and wrote a driver that should have options for what you're looking for:

If you don't want to use a custom driver full-time, you could also use the Basic Z-Wave Tool to set this specific parameter (parameter 11, size 1, to 0, it appears) and keep using the built-in driver for regular use. Otherwise, the above should have the options you want.

Finally, it sounds like you already know this part, but you would then have to create automations based on the button (Z-Wave scene) events to manipulate the lights as desired.

Isn't this the driver you are speaking about?

Just came to mind I have not updated to the latest firmware yet either. So that may be the problem

The drivers you show (bcopeland version) don't work with the older firmwares, just like the newer firmwares don't work with the Hubitat built-in driver.

Once you have upgraded your Zooz switches, you should have the option to disable local control like you desire. You also want Scene Control on, that is one line up and on the far right of my arrow.

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Yes I just figured that out works like a charm now. Just controlling the outlet now but going thru hubitat now to turn on instead of telling hubitat it turned on :grinning::sunglasses:

As always there is a way to do it! Thank you!

I can now surprise the better half with color :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: