Help getting Life360+ set up

Hey all,

Trying to install Life360+ after having trouble with the built-in Life360 app. I have followed the instructions to install HPM and then the Life360+ app. However, I am not sure what to do next. I don't see Life360+ in my device or app lists. Am I missing a step?


Now that you've installed from HPM, have you added the app from here?

You have downloaded the app ok.
Now you need to install it.
On the apps page click on
at the top right hand side of the page.
Search for Life360+ and install it.
When installed it should now appear in the list of apps in the app page.
Click on it and configure it.

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Thanks to you both! That was my problem.

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When I enter anything on the search bar for the User Apps, nothing comes up. What am I missing?

Are you talking about the Search bar on the Apps page (in the screenshot in 2nd post of this thread) or some other search bar?

Correct. Click on Add user app. Search bar shows up. Suppose to enter LIfe360+ or whatever. Nothing happens after I type Life360+ or variation.

Since L360+ is a User App (i.e. community developed), you need to add the code first (via GitHub or HPM), then actually install the app. The "Add User App" button is for that second step -- once you have the L360+ code added, it will show up as available to install in that Add User App button's listing.

Oh. I though the first post was how to install Life360+ via HPM. I have HPM installed. Thus, followed the second post to Add user app. How do I add the code via HPM? Thanks.

Search HPM for that app and then add its code from there. I don't use L360+ myself, so I don't know specific details about it.

Here's the main thread about HPM -- it has more information about how it works in general.

Just as an FYI, L360 is not likely to work anymore -- that company recently made changes to its API that crippled 3rd-party access, so although it still seems to be working for some users, it's no longer working for many/most.

Thanks. Got it.

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