Help Excluding Capabilities in Homebridge

How can I make the fan controls not show in the Home iOS app?

I've set up Homebridge (via Homebridge Hubitat v2.0) which works great. I've got hydronic heat at home (hot water radiators) controlled by Honeywell T6 Pro thermostats. The Home iOS app lets me show temperature and fan controls either as separate tiles or together (see attached) but the fan controls are useless to me regardless, because I don’t have ducts or fans, and would like them to not be shown at all.

The Homebridge v2 app offers filtering options but I am not seeing fan as one of them (see attached). What does it take to make the fan filterable through the Homebridge v2 Hubitat app? Next, I turned to my Homebridge config file. Here’s what I’ve tried in it:

"excluded_capabilities": {
            "HUBITAT-DEVICE-ID-47": [
                "Thermostat Fan Mode",
                "Fan Control",
                "Fan Speed",
                "Fan Light"
  1. The device id I got by going to Hubitat > Devices > Thermostat and looking at the url of that page (in my case …/device/edit/47). Is this the right ID? There’s a couple of different ID listed on that device page. Is "HUBITAT-DEVICE-ID-47" the right way to write it? I’ve tried "47" alone. It didn’t seem to make a difference.
  2. How do I know what keywords to use for fan controls? I’m throwing spaghetti at the wall here and copy/pasting what I saw in this thread hoping one of those would do the trick but no luck.

Post this in the Hubitat Homebridge 2.0 parent thread. It's much more likely to be seen by the developer of that community integration or its users. For your convenience, I've linked that thread below.

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Haven’t looked at manually editing the config file, but I would think the capabilities would align to those found here:

Thanks for the suggestion to move it to the other thread. I did that just now. If permissions allow, I’ll delete this thread.

Thanks for that link! I’ll try "FanControl" (no spaces). Per suggestion above, I moved the discussion to the "Homebridge Hubitat v2.0" thread. I’ll delete this one.