Help Disassociating Wink Sensors, ugh!

Hi my new Hubitat friends!;

As a recent convert from Wink, I've discovered Wink isn't letting me easily disassociate many of the sensors that are connected...surprise!:slight_smile:

Do any of you previous Wink owners know what to do to disassociate sensors when Wink won't let them go through it's normal process? For example I have several gocontrol passive motion z-wave sensors that about half I cannot disassociate from Wink...any ideas?

Thanks for any help...I'm about half transitioned to Hubitat and am eager to finish the project!


Shut the Wink off, depower it. Then you should be able to exclude them in Hubitat before inclusion. You might have to bring the sensor closer to the hub, or the hub closer to the sensor in some cases.

It seems like those go control have caused others to pull their hair out too.

@adam7: Each device should have an independent way factory reset it. When I moved from Wink, all I did was turn it off, reset each device, then pair them with HE. You can likely google each device and see how to reset it. If you can't find the answer, some people here can probably also help.

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i was able to get my motion sensors to come off wink. i have 4 contact closures i couldn't. i ended up buying v1 iris contact closures for 4 bucks each on ebay and repalced them.

Not the best choice. They're finicky (and not standard ZHA) .... should have gone with the V2 or V3 instead.


well now you tell me.

They work Ok, but are just a bit picky. And at $4 each, if they die I wouldn't feel too bad.

First thanks all for the responses!

neonturbo, I understand the shut Wink hub off part, but I'm not clear on how you "exclude" them from previous Wink pairing on the new Hubitat hub...I have learned the Hubitat inclusion for about 70% of my sensors.

Regarding OpenDave's, I've been struggling finding the factory reset for these sensors...I did reset my Dome Water Valve shut off because I couldn't disassociate that one to.

If anyone knows the factory reset process for the gocontrol passive motion sensors please share it...I'll continue digging for it in the meantime. It wasn't even described in the gocontrol sensor's manual!?!?!?

If you have a zwave device, you can go to the Hubitat "Discover Devices" menu, go to Zwave, and click "exclude". You then have to do something with the device or sensor, typically the same thing you would do to include them. I am not familiar with the Go Control, but there is usually a button press sequence you must use.

And I don't think you ever gave us a model number, or sensor type so we can help you figure out the reset procedure. You just say "sensor".

Maybe this?

The model number is: WAPIRZ-1

That PDF above tells how to include and exclude. First page, right column.

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Here is the procedure to perform the Exclusion...


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And I do have the manual, just don't see anything about a factory reset

Correct. It must be Excluded in order to reset it. Not all devices have a factory reset procedure. Older Z-Wave GE Switches and Dimmers were the same.

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And just one more thing, be sure that when you run the Hubitat exclusion function, that it says "excluded unknown device". Once that happens, it is reset and ready to include.

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Yep I did that but Wink let it go so am now looking to factory reset it and then pair (inclusion) to Hubitat

Bring the device near the Hubitat Hub, get ready to perform the Z-Wave exclusion process a second time (i.e. be ready to press the tamper switch.) Then, put the Hubitat Hub in "General Exclusion" mode and then press the Tamper Switch for a second. You should see the "Unknown Device Exlcuded" message as @neonturbo mentioned above.

Afterwards, the device should be able to be Included via Hubitat.

You also have to do this in Hubitat. In other words, Exclude from Wink, Exclude from Hubitat, and then you can Include in Hubitat.