Help combining three shades as one

She says the same thing to me but does it anyway. Alexa is fickle.

Here you go. Note that I renamed the child app as "Shade Control Instance"

Parent App "Shade Controls":

Child App "Shade Control Instance":


Thanks, @alexcapone !

Quick question for you... So I created a virtual shade called "Bedroom Shades." Added the parent/child apps and created an instance called Bedroom Shades, setting the virtual shade group as the control and my 2 bedroom shades as the devices to control. If I set level or position with the virtual shade in hubitat to 50%, both shades close completely. If I try 75%, they open up completely to 100%. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any insights.

Edit: Ok I think I got it working. Set had to remove the line in the child app for setLevel as it seems my drivers don't support that setting. Also set the transition time in the virtual shade to ASAP. Looks like its working as intended. Thanks so much!

I actually had a similar problem. When I was setting position by % the group shades were overshooting and coming back to the desired position. Once I changed transition time to ASAP it worked perfectly.

@alexcapone Quick question. I had the previous version of the shade controls app (no child instances) setup using two physical shades and a virtual shade for control. Then, when you updated the app code to create child instances I created one for those two physical shades. However, the physical device still shows as 'In Use By' the master app 'Shade Control'. Is there a way to clear this, I dont believe it interferes with the performance of the virtual shade and the use of the child instance, but it just doesnt seem right.

Any help appreciated.

I'm not really sure about that. Do you still have the previous version of the app as well? If so, I would start by deleting that first.

Unfortunately I have no way to compare to my shades because I was using HubConnect to bring my shades from Smartthings to Hubitat. However, that integration broke a few weeks ago.

The app was never truly deleted. I simply opened it to edit, erased all, and pasted in new code. So, the next question would be, what happens to the child instances if I delete the parent app and then recreate it? Will they still be connected to the parent app by name or if not is there a way to reconnect, or associate them to the new parent app?

I'm not sure about that as I've never tried doing that. Maybe @bravenel would know?

Editing the parent app would have no direct impact on the child apps, provided its name remains the same, and it's the same source 'file'. There is no way to reconnect or change the parent/child association of child apps. Deleting the parent app would delete all of its child apps. But, editing it, even by wholesale replacement, will not change the parent/child association (thankfully). Think about it, we have to make changes all of the time to parent apps and child apps, without upsetting the apple cart.

Worked like a charm! Thank you!

I keep getting this error in logs for 'Shade Controls':
2022-01-16 10:35:20.992 pm errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_app_hubitat_Shade_Controls_596.handler() is applicable for argument types: (com.hubitat.hub.domain.Event) values: [com.hubitat.hub.domain.Event@1237287] (handler)

Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

I have multiple shades in my home using this app for some time now. However, one group in particular just seems to have a mind of its own. My Back Shades are a set of two zigbee shades where one is operated in the forward direction and the other reverse. All of my other shade groups are in the same direction (forward).

Sometime for no reasons I can detect, the 1st shade (forward) in my pair while the shade control group is closing gets up to 10-15% from closed and decides it should open. Then in other cases, if opening it decides to go astray and close. It used to be once a month, now its nearly every day. I have the shades set to open around sunrise and close at sunset.

The only clear difference is that this pair has different direction settings for the two shades in the Shade Control Instance. Can this be the cause of the problem, is there a way to fix this or a procedure I am missing?

The reason they have to be in different directions is because they use Zemismart roller motors with AC supply cords on one end of the motor. The power sockets for each window are on the outside of this double window frame, so that one motor cord is on the right side of the window and the other on the left. Simple depiction shown below:

[X--------------] [-------------X]

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