Help adding wi-fi devices

Newbie user here - I've managed to configure my new Hubitat C-7 and have successfully added some ZigBee devices, but I haven't yet discovered how to add generic wi-fi devices, previously controlled through Alexa.
I think I understand that Amazon devices must first be added to the hub before they can be controlled via Alexa, but I don't see any way to add them to the hub. None of these generic(?) wi-fi devices appear to be listed in the Add Device section, but I read here that there may be some applicable drivers unofficially available from the community.

Specifically, I'd like to add the following wi-fi devices to the HE... Is this possible?

tp-link/kasa HS220 dimmer switch
WAKYME model 120Y Smart Plug Cozy - 2 port exterior dongle
standard Amazon Smart Plugs

I also have several Insteon devices (recently orphaned). Is there a HE app to integrate Insteon devices? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Yes. There is a community integration for Kasa devices. Please see the link below:

If there's a way to flash these with Tasmota, there is a community integration that will let you use them with Hubitat.

Please see this post from @SmartHomePrimer.


Hubitat is designed primarily to work with Zigbee and Z-wave devices. There are very few WiFI devices that have native support. Hubitat does not have a WiFI radio to connect to these devices, so any integration has to be made with your router over LAN. There are a few such integrations native to Hubitat like Lutron, Hue, Amazon Alexa and Chromecast. There are also some other integrations that have been enabled through community developers. The problem is that many WiFi devices are designed to work only with the app designed by the manufacturer and they are reluctant to release the details needed to make the devices work with Hubitat.


For some cloud devices there are community or inbuilt apps written so that Hubitat can access your cloud account and access the devices in that way. For example, Sensibo and Netatmo. And Hue, if you prefer to connect your bulbs to the Hue Bridge. And others I can't think of right now.