Help a novice please…

I registered, set up the hub and connected to it and noted the IP address. It stayed online while I did some reading.

A few days later it has the led flashing red/ green, slowly and is not on my network anywhere.

I haven’t configured anything in it yet as it’s a waste of time, it doesn’t stay on line.

So, how to factory reset?
Is there ANY customer service?
Or warranty return?

The only reference to reset I can find is to use the menu? What have I missed? If I can’t get into it how to I use a menu that is available only after logging in?

Are you using a wired connection or Wi-Fi for your hub? If Wi-Fi, try a wired connection, which is likely to be more reliable (though it should work either way). That pattern of blinking LED indicates. a network connectivity problem. If you need to use Wi-Fi, make sure you are on the latest platform version (under Settings > Check for Updates--once you're able to get in), as there have been some Wi-Fi connectivity fixes in the most recent build as well as likely a few in the past.

A reset of the hub itself can only be done via software. However, a network reset is available via a hardware button. Use a small blunt object to hold the round button on the bottom of the hub (only round indent in a sea of squares) for 7 or more seconds. The LED should blink a couple times, then turn blue as the hub reboots (like it normally does when booting). If wired, it should be discoverable on your network (use your router tools or to find it); if Wi-Fi, you should be able to go through the initial Wi-FI setup procedure on the hub like you did the first time (connect to the special SSID and configure it). The network reset procedure is also documented here: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation

Support and warranty service are both available via, though staff also monitor the forums and you're likely to get pretty good help here as well. However, I'd try the above first.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
I finally got to the bottom of the problem, to summarise:

  1. It appears there was some sort of problem (dip) with the power during the night, not enough to knock everything out but enough to reset the C8 and my router, so I didn't know about it, (email msgs went down) but everything else was working and I hadn't touched the C8 for 3 or 4 days.

  2. The C8 rebooted with the internet still down, SO, it switched to WiFi.

  3. When the C8 goes to WiFi it does NOT go back to ethernet, even if i reset the interface with the little button (lots of times).

  4. The C8 was on its own WiFi network setting that doesn't seem to broadcast its name/ssid etc.

  5. To add to my problem my M2 laptop is happy to load and run the Hubitat app, but it doen't work, it gets stuck looking for a hub with no way of getting out of that page.

Thanks Heaps,

From the Registration and setup docs:

The hub will broadcast a network called MyNewHubitat when no wired connection is present. Connect to this network using your computer or mobile device, follow the prompts in the "captive portal" to configure Wi-Fi on the hub.

Glad you got the rest figured out! For this, is there a particular reason you want to use the mobile app on a "real" computer? This sounds like unnecessary torture to me. :slight_smile: FWIW, I just tested it and it seemed to work, so I'm not sure what's going on in your case. But I'd normally recommend just going to the hub's IP address in any web browser (or using to discover it if you aren't sure).


It seems I've still got something to sort out.
Yesterday after getting it online I added a custom driver and a few custom devices, all went well. This morning I found it blinking red/green again..............sheeeessss! It had dropped off my network. I reset it, rebooted it and its back on my network. I just got to figure out how to disable the fallback to WiFi.....(I thought I had yesterday).....

The reason for my M2 running apps is because it can😃 and I use it mainly for network stuff and it's convenient to have all my stuff in one place. The screen is a better size than my phone too. It's not usually a problem to run iPhone/iPad apps, as the app store will tell me it the app is compatible with my M2.

Thanks for the help, now I know where to find it when it goes walkabout.........

My question is really why you're using the Mac over an iPhone for the app, it's why you're using it all on a Mac. :slight_smile: Unlike some hubs, the mobile app is a completely optional part of the Hubitat experience. You can use any web browser to perform hub administration; the app UI is really only getting the way (and making things smaller than they need to be in many cases) if that's all you're using it for. (Visit the IP address in any web browser, or use to search if you don't know, to see what I mean.)


Yeah, there's zero good reasons to use the app on a Mac. I'm of course grateful for the phone app on my phone, but if that was my only interface option, I would've ditched Hubitat a long time ago.

Do yourself a big favor when on the Mac and use the browser access instead of the app - your sanity will thank you sooner or later.


Thanks for the sound advice. I have enough trouble when I set myself a challenge of getting some Beacon Festoon lighting working in HB or Hubitat.

Combined with quite a few power dips, it's getting a bit frustrating to have stuff failing every few days.


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