Hello - Diving in to Hubitat!

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a decent easter.
I am finally taking the plunge after looking at my Hubitat hub for months.
The amount of information on here is quite overwhelming, so I have just dove in and paired a motion sensor and a smart plug :slight_smile:
I'm a smart things user and am quite well-versed with that system, so hoping that helps me.
I have some questions, please.

  1. Would you advise me to move out of my comfort zone and just use the HE hub ie ditching the ST hub (I like the interface of ST)
  2. I have some Ajax blind motors that I use but do not see any support for them with the HE?
  3. I am delighted to see that there appears to be support for both TBK plugs and Remotec scene master button devices. When I used to set these up in Samsung IDE it was just a case of copying the driver code that someone had made and pasting it to make the device work, is this the same with Hubitat?
    Thanks for looking.

Yes, just use the HE hub.

The Tuya blind motor driver in Hubitat Package Manager supports this...

Use Hubitat package manager. It makes things easier but if you want to install manually that's easy too. (Click apps or drivers code on the left hand side)

Since you're new though, look at this post. It will help you avoid some gotchas


Just a little update, and a thanks for the help! I haven't moved everything over from Smarttings to Hubitat yet as I have a holiday coming up, and the smart things form my alarm security system, it looks like I can replicate this in Hubitat, but I do not want to be doing it in a hurry. Progress wise - Installing Samsung and Fibaro motion and Multi-purpose sensors with simple rules has been a breeze, as have the TKB and Fibaro plugs. Also, there is an excellent guide on using MIRA to show your Hubitat devices in the Samsung app, the only issue is temperature reporting as far as I can tell.
I had spare sensors etc so I used those to familiarise myself, as the concept of change and the sheer amount of information available was quite a shock, in a good way. Just started on dashboards now, luckily at the moment, I have some time so am enjoying a slow transition.

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The big thing is watch out for creating ghosts... If you had a failed pairing at any point it likely created one. These will trash your mesh. Also Install HPM... This is a must!

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Thank you for that rithgow1, I will be sure to look into it. My plan was to get an idea of what I want/need to do, then reset the hub to new, once I am a bit more competent. Will that work ok to get rid of any existing ghosts? HPM installed as advised now :slight_smile:

No need to reset the hub... Post your z-wave details page in its entirety. (If you have problems with posting a pic join this group then post back here Hub owners - Hubitat)

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What issue are you having with temperature reporting with Mira? What device on the Hubitat side?

Hi, yesterday my Samsung smart things motion sensor was showing minus 7.5 degrees C, as opposed to another in the same room which was at 17ish if I remember correctly.
I have just logged onto my ST app and Hubitat to answer your question and both sensors are now within 0.5 degrees C of each other, which is wonderful. :slight_smile:
It could very well have been something I did, as I am brand new to this Coreystup.

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Excellent! If you see any other issues, message me or post to the Mira thread on the ST forum.

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Ah I didn't realise you had done the Mira guide, thanks very much it was so simple to follow

Hi again :slight_smile:
I am struggling to find the Tuya blind engine driver in the package manager.
I go to the package manager in apps.
Install new package.
Enter Tuya.
Search by keywords.
I then get a page of various Tuya drivers (The next button does nothing so I am assuming there is only a single page)? but no blind engine driver is appearing.
What am I doing wrong, please?
Thanks in advance.

Search for Zemismart Zigbee Blind in HPM

[RELEASE] Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver

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Thank you Kkossev, my blinds motors are Ajax and work with the Tuya app currently. They are WIFI, not Zigbee, will this still work do you think?

No, this driver is for Zigbee devices only.

You can try the Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support).

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Unfortunately, down at the first hurdle. I fear that I don't have the knowledge for the cloud driver scenario. I followed all the instructions (Thanks jonathanb for the guide)
All was well until I came to the Tuya app linking and got a message to say failed to bind, possibly due to the data centre being incorrect. I have tried several data centres (I am in the UK and tried Western Europe Eastern Europe and more) without success. I can't delete the project and have tried most of the editing options, trying to get it working. I have the project but obviously no devices etc.
I've had a read through some of the replies on the thread but to a novice like me it is like a different language. :smiley: I am just going to push on getting other stuff set up and then make a decision on what to do with the blinds later. Renewing them for a different type of engine is not an option as I have 5 of them fitted and they aren't cheap.

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