Heatit Z-Water - Generic Composite Driver


I an new to hubitat and moving from smartthings. I am looking for a driver that I can use for my z-wave dinrail regulator for water heating system.
The name of the device is Heatit Z-Water: Heatit Z-Water - Heatit

On ST, it appears as a parent device with 14 child devices, using the rboi.com device handler for this exact unit.
10 of the devices are on/off switches, and the four inputs appears as temp sensors(not often in use by people who have this), in total 14 devices appears.

I have tried to use Zooz Multirelay driver. It works fine, but only 3 child devices appear. So if the zooz driver would load more than 3 child devices it should work fine.
Is there any driver that I can use who load and list all the available child devices of the parent device?

This is the only thing that holds me back from throwing out my ST, but important as it regulate all heating in the house.

Perhaps a quick modification of some of the other Composite Drivers for on/off switches would do the trick?

I really just need a generic composite driver that loads all the child devices.**

Thanks for all answers!

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I just got word from this vendor they will be sending me one to write a proper driver for this device and a couple others.. 2.2.5 has a few new Heatit drivers in it.

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wow! Thats fantastic! Would you update this post when it is ready?

Will do

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Just wanted to check out if there was any updates on this?

Still haven't received this from them.. They say they are sending it and others..

Hello, I'm also looking for a driver for this device. It's a very popular unit here in the UK. I find that the generic Zwave relay driver will control the first relay channel and it appears that another 9 child devices need to be added. I would think some copy and paste, patching in correct endpoints would solve the problem. Perhaps we could have the source code for this in the meantime so we can attempt a fix?

The 4 child device temperature probe inputs work perfectly. I find these useful on a hot water valve control device like this because I can measure actual temperatures of the heating equipment, in my case a ground source heat pump, such that automation can make informed decisions during operation. It's also good for temperature of other items in a typical utility room, like the hot water cylinder, to provide data for intelligent cycling.


I'm thinking of buying this device to controle with my hubitat.
Is there anyone who can compile the hubitat driver out of the smartthings driver?
Or does anybody know about a similar device that's working with hubitat already?

Much appreciated!

I've never found anything quite like this device. While the 10 relay channels could be replicated with another device, the 4 built in standard temperature probe inputs really make this a super device.

I've spoken with Hubitat customer service, as well as their software guru Bryan Copeland (see above) who does these drivers. Apparently the sticking point is that they don't have the hardware unit to work with. I have a spare unit that I'll take back to the US with me in October and lend it to them if they don't have a solution by then.

I feel this driver would be quite easy to put together because the generic relay driver does work on a single channel. Some cut and paste with redirection of the inputs and outputs should be all that's necessary to get the relays running, However, when I requested source of that driver they said "We never release driver code". Unfortunate, as so many more devices might be supported with no effort on their part besides cooperation.

This might not address the temperature probes but access to the Heatit TK3 thermostat source code would provide a road map for that,

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