HE Mobile App - Not updating wihen sedentary

Recently I began cleaning up what I refer to as 'Personal Presence' detector. ie; devices that track or service my location.
The new tool which for me supercedes all others is:

I'm an Android user and new tool is a dramatic advancement over combined presence, wifi connection detectors, car fobs etc.
Anyways, I still have 'Mobile App Device' from HE which I believe originated when I loaded HE app on my cell phone. It had not been a reliable device for detection for me, and I have used other solutions for geofence stuff.
The problem I'm having - the Mobile app doesn't have a scheduled update if it is not moving occassionally. My InActivity Monitor has begun showing the device as 'not heard from'. My timer is set for 48hrs. This began this week - I've not left the house in 3 days due to desk work. So the phone hasn't moved either. I've toyed with the buttons trying to get 'Last Activity' to change but it doesn't from the phone side. Only if I change the device in HE from Active to Departed and back does it actually show activity. I know HE is seeing the phone, a phone reboot also triggered an activity ... Is there a known setting in the App to 'set scheduled update' or something I can toggle? I've looked at all the settings...

The iOS app has a setting for “send presence only while in motion.” I leave that toggled off. Not sure if the Android app has the same option.

But if you haven’t left the house, and your phone hasn’t moved, what kind of update from the mobile presence sensor device in Hubitat are you expecting? And what purpose would that serve?