HE Features and Requests for 2023?

Easy enough to write a simple rule to do this and make an alexa routine to trigger it.

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But you'd have to do that for every device, and time interval you'd ever want to use. Partly why I've never bothered.

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You sort of can, and you can without any Hubitat involvement at all besides the skill/integration itself. Alexa supports setting timers with voice commands as of ... I don't know how long ago, but I think fairly recently. So, "Alexa, turn on bathroom fan," then "Alexa, turn off bathroom fan in 20 minutes."


That is awesome! I didn't know that

A feature or perhaps an HE APP one can easily install to send out alerts, http, and trigger if a device goes offline (doesn't poll HE or have any activity ) after X amount of time.

I've tested a bunch of sensors and most devices do seem to report to HE their battery level or version or some other meta data - a few times daily (some are noisy doing it a few times per hour!) - so I think this is a good starting point on how to monitor device presence.

Then some devices, do not poll HE at all - such as sonoff motion sensors. Perhaps HE can send it refresh or some command to elicit a response from the devices at every interval?

The UI would be simple as selecting the devices you want on this "watch list" and setting a timeout for each device so that one can set tighter timeouts for devices the poll frequently. Then there would be a 3rd parameter to let HE send command or elicit response from device at X intervals - for devices that do not automatically poll HE regularly.

I really think this would be useful specially for SECURITY based applications!

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May want to look at:



FWIW, Google Assistant can do that. "Turn X on for one hour" works fine. So does "At 6 AM, turn on X." I don't think it supports the combination, however.


My feature request is better organization of the Devices list. The more devices you add, the more unwieldy it gets. I would like to be able to:

  • Arrange devices by room and collapse the room views / focus on a particular room
  • When devices are part of a group, hide the individual devices and see only the group activator unless I go digging.
  • Alternatively, ability to hide devices by default. Some switches exist only to mirror their status to another switch; unless I'm specifically after the secondary one, I only ever want to interact with the "real" switch.

I suppose one alternative view is that the Devices list should be complete, and any filtered view belongs as a Dashboard. So perhaps instead / additionally:

  • Ability to auto-generate a Dashboard for each room
  • Ability to click through from a Dashboard tile to the device page

Actually, you can just say, "Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights for 1 hour."


This can be done on the Rooms Page. You can click a button at the top of the page to collapse all the Rooms, then expand the one you want.


Are you talking about those setup in the Groups / Room Lighting Built-In Apps? Can't a device belong to more than one group?

While I have certainly wanted something like this, I expect the developers will likely want a few more details on what you would expect. Everyone has different tastes about how a dashboard should look. Plus, many device types implement multiple capabilities, i.e. they can be treated as a switch or a shade, a contact sensor or a temperature sensor, etc. So coming up with a generated dashboard will likely not suite everyone's tastes or expectations, as much as we may want the convenience.

For me, I would like to have a dashboard I have built for one Room and then be able to clone it for another Room, being prompted for the devices I want to use for the new Room. There have been issues in the past with cloning of dashboards, and I am not sure if they have been resolved or not. If this could be fixed, I think that would offer a more complete solution.

Yes, and yes. I acknowledge there might be complexities doing that automatically.

It's possible the Rooms view may be a decent workaround, since I could put individual bulbs in a different/no room and the group activators in the desired room. I'll take a look.

One thing to keep in mind, and this is more my opinion than anything official... I would treat the Devices list as more of an Admin page, more so than the main place to go and Interact with your Devices on a regular basis. Yes we want / need the Device list to make it quick and easy to find devices, which can include things like the Search option to quickly narrow down the Devices, but hiding devices probably isn't want you want in this spot of the system, you want to have all the devices available. Like you were contemplating, dashboards are likely what you want to provide that cut-down view where you can pick and choose devices based on whatever criteria you please.

I like the idea of the link to the Devices page, but I expect some thought will need to go into it. Perhaps a choice at the dashboard level (in the Dashboard App) as to whether to provide the option for that dashboard, then a choice on each Tile....

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Honestly, the biggest annoyance with a new Dashboard is that it starts off with access to no devices, but doesn't link you to the page where you can authorize devices. So even an interstitial that allowed the new Dashboard to add all devices in the room as authorized, and then able to quickly add them manually would be a good start.

Yeah, Extra steps after adding some devices then needing to authorize them to use on the
dashboard. Maybe they should all be authorized by default and you can Uncheck from the list if you don't want them available.

The problem with that is that people won't uncheck them and then rendering will slow to a crawl


Folders for Rules maybe so I can organize them a little?


Hopefully this may get some traction... :slight_smile: If I can add something from a previous lengthy discussion, I would ask that tags be at least considered.... I would accept the folder request as a first pass... but the ability to group rules under various banners would be an admittedly gold-plated solution in my eyes....

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