HE App time is off on my Hub

What am I doing wrong? The time is right on my phone and the time is right on my hub.
But the presence keeps giving me future dates. It isn't the 11th yet, still the 10th.

Also I have a bunch of copies

Known issue:

Thanks any answer on the dups?
Because my dash board doesn't work as it isn't the most updated pixel3

FYI Although release notes indicate that event times have been corrected in FW, I'm still showing UTC time (With a PDT ext) when I click on the device's events. Is that correct behavior?

The duplicated mobile devices can be removed as they are not being used. When you go into settings, and select a hub, do you get a list of the mobile app devices to choose from?

As for event times, if you had devices that had events stored in UTC, and then updated, you may still see the events in the "future" until the timezone offset catches up.

Simple test, doublecheck location timezone is set, hub time is correct (settings, hub info) and create a new test virtual device using a virtual switch driver. Change the virtual switch to on, check the event table, is the event reporting in local and correct time? If so, the problem is fixed, if not, let me know.

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Thank you, did your test and appears I will have to wait on the timezone offset to catch up.