HE Abode alarm device is intermittently logged off from Abode

Hi Hubitats Community - this is my 1st posting,
I have installed the Abode Alarm device driver into HE and all is working well except that very intermittently the Abode Alarm device changes state to isLoggedIn= false. Manually resaving the device preferences logs the device back into Abode.
Does anyone know how to prevent the device from getting logged off from Abode or how to write a Rule Machine rule to automatically get back logged on - presumably be automatically resaving the device preferences. I can trigger the rule using 'Abode Interface reports isLoggedIn(true) = False' but I do not know what action to take.
Thanks - Russell Cooke

Probably just have to manually login again, but you can atleast set up a rule to notify when it disconnects

Mraz, Thanks for your reply. I had an Alexa notification already setup but your response nudged me to add an email notofication. I installed the email SendGrid driver for Hubitat and was able to configure it and the associated SendGrid account quickly and easily.

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Mine Abode also intermittently disconnects from Hubitat.

I have not yet figured out if it is truly just intermittent and random, or if it is related to when the Abode cloud has an issue. I know that when it happened in Feb of this year, it was immediately after the Abode cloud issue. But it's happened since then also...

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