Having trouble with ZigBee devices

It seems all my ZigBee devices work when they want. Motion sensor and Button. Is there anyway to repair this? They use to work without any problems. Not sure if it's the new router Spectrum installed or an update.

Hmmm. You might check this handy chart to make sure you aren't getting interference from wifi.

You can also get a sense of the strength of your zigbee mesh with this:


See here for a good discussion of what it means:


Might conceivably be interference if the new router has been set at a WiFi channel that Zigbee doesn't like..

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Thanks, Spectrum is now using an app to view devices. Just shows the Mac address. No way to know which channel I'm on. There's no separate 2.4 & 5 ghz channels. They said it's automatic. There's no way to change the channel

I'm not sure what this is telling me

THis is why I HATE consumer-grade network gear. Where is your hub in relation to your router?

It's telling you that you don't have very many repeating devices. The outcost should populate in a bit especially if you've just rebooted.

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Maybe I need some help with setting up the rule. Bathroom motion
Active turn on switch
Stay on for 120 mins
If switch is manually turned off
Then cancel the 120 minutes stay on

The router is about 35 ft away from the device

That's good... lessens the chances of interference.

Will this rule work? I'm trying to set it to
When you walk in keep the light on for 30 minutes.
If the switch is manually turned on, don't turn off.
Rule active between 7am - 8:30 pm.

Is this correct?

Just when to see if it works. Walked in.. nothing, walked out and the light came on.

Downloaded an app. Doesn't look like wifi is interfering with ZigBee. Don't know why ZigBee devices are not responding

My advice would be to get yourself your own router and either pull the login info from this router or request it from the company, then either reserve the ISP router as an emergency reserve, or bin it. You have zero control regards your security and the ISP can play silly buggers with your network whenever they want, including blocking ports Hubitat needs (like for updates, external comms, backups etc) or interfering with other services (tuya being a good example) because of Chinesium paranoia.

I've never used ISP routers, I have a pile of the damn things in all sorts of odd places. They whinge and whine a bit, and try to tell me (IT Network professional for over a decade) that their service won't work with anything other than their gear... That's utter garbage.

Another piece of advice if you haven't already - split the names of your 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks and use different password concepts for the two - so for example book characters for one and wild birds for the other. Just helps increase security. The number of people I've seen using the default password settings on everything is scary, because they're created by an algorithm and those can be back engineered..

The worst password situation I've ever seen was something called the PAL, Permissive Access Link, a full :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: special, that many believe may have saved Pearl Harbour (yeah, that one) from a nuking by a Golf II class DE sub designation K129. The Russian version being a little more pointed in its response.

But honestly I would ditch any router you don't have control over, because with how Hubitat works as well as other HA systems require ports etc, you might end up in all sorts of issues if someone screws up a firmware or has a port blocking fetish and you won't even be able to see the problem.. And I wouldn't put it past ISPs to try to charge to open HA required ports in the future - while belching fud about "security"...


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check out routes. I can't change the 2.4 or 5 gig names. This router assigns device automatically.

5ghz shouldn't be an issue and you're right - 2.4ghz looks clear. For now anyway. Surprised you don't see more - are you in the boonies? Or are you just looking at your own router?

Just showing my router

Ok, I don't understand why the ZigBee button works with the Hubitat dashboard app and not with the button.

Might be interesting to look at all routers and see if you pick up anything. What zigbee channel are you on?

when you say it works with the dashboard app do you mean you're able to see the button presses on the dashboard? Or if you click the dashboard version of the button you get the desired response?

Using the dashboard the buttons all work. The lights respond as they should.