Have a light turn off after 10 mins

My wife has a bad habit of leaving lights on.

I just installed a smart switch for the light.

I feel at this point I am pretty good with rules machine but How can I create a rules that turns off a light if it was in for 10 mins. Bonus if it can handle Multiple lights in a single rule.

Am I better off with an app?

I use a variation of this;

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This has been covered before, so let me point you toward a working solution (that doesn't involve Motion Sensors...):

(plus a couple that do...)

The most straight forward would probably be with simple automation rule.


Or Basic Rules


oh wow i didnt even think of delay. thanks for pointing me in right direction.

while yes this would be a simple solution, it can lead to other issues down the line. i used to use SA for some of my lights, but it would continue the countdown even if the door was closed. This lead to someone going into the Pantry (with a 3 min auto turn off), close the door, then open it again within that first 3 min timer. The SA would trigger again, and now there would be 2 instances of turn off after 3 minutes. Once the first one triggers, it will turn off the light (even if the door was only opened for 1 minute because the first trigger was still present from 3 minutes earlier). I ultimately moved my rules from SA to RM

i would go with this ruling with the cancellable action to have the door closing remove any previous triggers and not cause the overlap like i mentioned above

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That's not how SAR works and was an issue if that was your experience. I use SAR in this fashion for several lights throughout the house.

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