Has anyone tried connecting a Keywe Smart Lock yet?



Has anyone tried connecting a Keywe Smart door lock? Just received one and having trouble getting it to recognize the lock while in discovery mode.


Presumably the lock has been placed in zwave pairing mode?, even if we can't identify the device we should be able to pair it.


Supposedly i'm in pairing mode. Still trying to confirm that with the lock vendor. Followed their instructions, got the tone response i expected, but the HE site sits there just searching.
So just was curious if anyone else has had any experience with this lock. It's a new release product.


This is what i get when attempting to connect. it never goes past this point. And eventually times out and the device disappears


does this device show up in the zwave details while it's in the discovery spin cycle?


no, it's not listed among the zwave radio devices when i go to zwave information


and it takes about 15-20 mins and then times out and goes back to just looking for devices.


interesting, I might have a talk with the vendor about this.


I would ask them specifically which Z-Wave gateways they tested this lock with.


I had a similar pairing problem, after trying multiple times without success then for some reason bringing the device a couple of inches from the hub to pair it solved the problem. But it was not a lock, just saying of you want to try.


i'll give it a try, i brought it within 3 feet of the hub. but i'll try closer and see what happens.
i know they said they tested with a number of hubs. ST was one, but i don't think HE was.


It found it, else you wouldn't have seen anything in discovery, the process didn't complete.
If they tested it with st they would have needed a driver, do you have the driver they used?
I say that because our driver has all the fingerprints that the st driver did.


does HE support S0, S1, and or S2 Zwave Security?



I am a keywe developer. A contact message was sent to connect with hubitat.
If a hubitat contact me and give us support, we will connect with hubitat as soon as possible.
For reference, Smartthings' zwave-lock.src supports our KeyWe.

Thank you.


I have reached out to you and look forward to your response.


Can't wait to hear what comes of the discussion!


this is what i found

though i don't know where to begin to create a custom driver from this in HE. Not a programmer by background. i can typically edit stuff with examples when i can find help.


You might try our generic zwave lock, see how that goes in the meantime.


i can't get it to pair completely. even sitting within an inch of the hub.