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It would be nice to get a detailed simple page of hardware tab showing model number and status etc so when people ask what your hardware you dont have to sift through each device epically if you have 50+ devices. Attached is a screen shot of what ISY did, that can be implemented and improved on. Shows model, driver and status at a glance.

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Basically, almost all that information is available from the main "Devices" page - except last device state.

I agree it would be nice; however, it rapidly gets complicated for devices that have multiple capabilities/attributes. And devices with non-binary states.

But you have to click on each device one at a time to see this information where as this is a (I think) a simple table to see everything. In devices and dashboard you can see status why not transfer this to a concise page with model number and version?

This seems something like @bptworld or @thebearmay could build as an app?? (I am not a programmer so I do not know what would go into this)

Take a look at

It should allow you to pick any data item or attribute to include on the report.


Im not sure how people find time to create this stuff but im glad! From early on trying to learn C++ was a challenge, Kudos to all those that understand the code and find solutions. Im happy to be a member, Very happy to all the help I got and when comfortable help others. I love this community unlike other forums where you belittled for not knowing basics EVERYONE here has a positive attitude. Im so happy I switched and have gotten so much support! Im realizing why they dont need a support number. Most my questions are answered in 3 hours not 3 days. Most answerer' s address my issue. Hope this continues on! Thanks to all!!!!


OMG I clicked on association tab and brought me to like 400 apps, Im not ready for this. I did click on direct link just shows the code. Had no idea so many custom apps were made. But how to sort through all this and get a description or how to use info. So not sure how to install it but ill search custom apps. Thanks.

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