Hard reset (factory defaults)

I know there's tons of threads on this, but I need to fully reset my hub... yes, please trust me, I need it reset to defaults. No, soft reset won't do what I want.

If I go to the diag tool at port 8081, I only have the soft reset feature. I reached out to support but didn't get a response. I have the latest diagnosis tool installed and the latest habitat release.

What am I missing?

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FWIW, hard resets are almost never needed. Unless you’re planning on reselling your Hubitat.

http://hubs.ip.address.here:8081/?fullui will do the trick.
Just be really sure about that. Your pairings, database backups, everything will be gone for good, with no way to recover them whatsoever.


I'll try the URI you sent. Thanks

Hi there, we do not have a ticket from the Gmail account that you are using in the community. Did you get a ticket number, by any chance? Have you used a different email account when you sent the email to support@hubitat.com?

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Thanks Gopher, that did it. The wiki/manual page for Full Reset is blank... I can imagine that dealing with people that full reset their stuff on accident is a pain, but I think it should be documented and maybe provide an admonishment in the documentation as a stern warning.

I'm selling my hub. I didn't want to put it out there, but the lack of native HVAC controller support was a big one, and then the hunt to do a hard reset put me over the edge. I'm a power user and I don't like depending on support to do what I should be able to do on my own.

I emailed support, didn't get a ticket number. Same email, yes. I was avoiding posting on the forums because I'm not sticking around, but hey, your community is very responsive, so a sincere thank you for that. I think I will return to Habitat in a few years when the support is down the road a bit. I can't stand ST and their new app is abysmal.... but having come from Vera a few years ago, living on the bleeding edge of a developing platform was rough. Honestly, there's no good place to land, HomeKit isn't there yet either. ST was okay until they force the app upgrade. I'm trying to wrap my head around what they were thinking...

Anyways, first and last post for now. Maybe back in a few years. Thanks for the help.


Thank you for letting us know. We just discovered that a good portion of the emails received in the past few days have been marked as spam and never made it through to our ticketing system. We are in the process of correcting this issue.


Just out of curiosity, lack of HVAC controller support? Are you talking about the devices themselves or the thermostat app(S)? If the former, you simply need a z-wave or zigbee thermostat, if the latter, what issues were you having? (Not knocking you, genuinely curious)

you need IndianaJones and both sides of the sacred scarab and team of explorers; ironically, that is way easier than finding simple easy and working: Full reset instructions. (independent of the OS-version)

All you will get is people telling you you don't need it.

Why are you resurrecting year old threads?