Unanswered emails to support

We have identified that some emails sent to our support have been incorrectly marked as spam by our service provider and the emails received never made it through to our ticketing system. We are in the process of correcting this issue.

If you happen to send us an email at support@hubitat.com and you do not receive an automated response confirming that your ticket was received and a ticket number was assigned, please first check your "spam" folder, and if the response is missing, then reach out to us in the community by tagging @support.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused and we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue quickly.


So if we ask a question in the forum and tag @support_team should we expect a response. I ask, because I posted a question a while back and did that and never got a reply so i figured that didn't work. Maybe it was dumb question and you didn't want to reply?

We receive many requests in the community and we may not be able to attend them all. But we are trying our best to respond to emergencies, timely.


spamcop.net strikes again :upside_down_face:

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I sent an email to support on the 27th. No response, ticket number, etc. Nothing in spam. Should I resend or wait until you've got the email problem fixed? It's not an emergency.

Please resend if possible and let me know if you still don't receive a ticket number.