Happy Dance time - Caseta Diva switches and dimmers are released

The Caseta Diva switch has come to the market. This is a game changer for the home automation industry. There is not only a new cleaner style difference but a three way switch feature for the dimmer version. The look is amazing. My job just got 10X easier; most of my customers were not that excited about the older Caseta style.


From two hours ago...


Yes it is fully compatible.

Keep in mind that the three way option on the dimmer allows us to exceed the 75 limit because the slave switch to the dimmer does not count and you do not need to use up a slot with a pico. Also they are going to release a matching companion switch in the near future. I will now be able to do most house with only one Caseta smart bridge Pro (the pro is required for Hubitat compatibility)

I think you missed my point...

This is a second post about the same thing. I'm sure there will be about 5 more.



No problem. This is the first post in lighting :nerd_face:

Thanks for sharing. This really belongs in the "Lounge" as the Lighting category is for: built-in Lighting apps to create comfort lighting for your Elevated Home.



I will move my discussion to to Moh's thread.

I don't believe that this qualifies as a game changer for the industry.


I have to agree to disagree. Lutron Caseta is the fastest and most reliable lighting solution available at this time. The biggest complaint was their switch look and feel; this is clearly solved. Also a three way option on the dimmer will help companies, like myself, complete homes without exceeding the 75 limit that Caseta has.

This does make the Diva Caseta a game changer.

This is exactly what I was hoping for. I purchase a handfull of Caseta dimmers to try because of their reliability. I was hoping I would get used to the design and function. I really did not like them, and it did not grow on me as I hoped. I was waiting for the Inovelli Blue series - I have a couple pre-ordered for testing. Now I think I will probably go with the Caseta Diva. I like a preset dim, do not like the current center-dot Caseta that has preset, and those are like $120 anyway.


Agreed. It's incremental, and solely addresses product design. That being said, I am planning on replacing all my Caséta dimmers/switches for the Diva/Claro equivalents. But that is purely for aesthetic purposes, with no improvement in function.


Well, I certainly didn't like the look of the old ones, and these look much nicer to me...

But I still don't like the $70 price of the new ones, either. Let alone the hoops one has to jump through to self install (especially if going > 75).

Not arguing it isn't the 'best' technology, but at 2x what other dimmers cost I will stick with my z-wave dimmers, thank you.

I do agree with you, though, that some that wouldn't install the old ones regardless of cost due to looks (me), would at least consider the new model based on looks alone.


Hopefully, as the supply chain issues ease in the coming months/years, we'll start to see store prices on these actually drop. When I installed my Caseta switches and dimmers, I never paid full retail for them. I was able to buy my dimmers for about $37, my picos for about $12, and my switches for about $40. I did have to pay retail for my Caseta Fan Controllers, as they were brand new to the market at the time. :wink:


Yeah, it will be tempting once the street prices come down (which they will eventually). I definitely prefer the look of the new model.


The reliability and performance are unbeatable. Now they actually have a nice looking switch with side dimming and a preset. Nice.

There is more than design changes. It also has a dimming bar and light on the side which indicates dimming level, manual preset, regular three way switching, and the new LED+ dimming technology (bye bye flicking LEDs). Is there any other switch that can close to match this?

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It is worth the price because of all the headaches that prevent.

The prices will drop because Lutron buys in massive quantities. These switches will be hot sellers; that is for sure!!! They are worth every penny at the price they are right now anyway.

Caséta Divas are $70 MSRP, Inovelli Blues are $50 MSRP. Price isn't much of a reason to ignore Lutron. Inovelli plans on supporting Thread/Matter, unclear the limitations of Blue v1. IMO RadioRA 2 is still worth the premium.

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