Lutron Caseta compatible Diva

It appears (if my information is accurate and if I am not misinterpreting) that Lutron has introduced the Diva style of dimmer switches to be compatible with the Caseta line. Does anyone have any experience with this new dimmer? As it apparently utilizes the Caseta Hub, do we anticipate compatibility with HE? Also, if Lutron moves away from Telnet as some have anticipated, is the investment in Caseta no longer a “thing” with HE (i.e., should Caseta no longer be considered the “go to” system for solid, reliable HE integration for the future)? Just some topics to ponder/discuss.


@mike.maxwell what do you think

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Good news if you don't like the existing style, which i do as it matches the picos exactly.


I like the more conventional look of the Diva/Claro line - switching all my lighting over as soon as the Claro accessory switches are released.


They have.

I think there is a place for both styles but there is a talk that the old style will be gone in a year or so?

Keep in mind that the three way option on the dimmer allows us to exceed the 75 limit because the slave switch to the dimmer does not count and you do not need to use up a slot with a pico. Also they are going to release a matching companion switch in the near future. I will now be able to do most house with only one Caseta Smart Hub Pro (the pro is required for Hubitat compatibility)

When you do switch them out, hit me up for your old ones.


I like that look a lot better than their current lineup. With that said...good grief their products are expensive. I get that a lot of folks say they're bullet proof, but still.


In my experience, it is true that the Lutron Caseta switches and Picos are "bullet proof".
However, I also state for the record that the reliability and dependability of other makes & models have improved dramatically since "the old days".
GE/Jasco Enbrighten, Inovelli, Zooz have "upped their game" in recent years and now produce a much more reliable and dependable switch. And, in many cases for half the price of Lutron.
If you are completely price insensative, then by all means, go with Lutron. However, I'm not sure that the Lutron Caseta line is TWICE as dependable as the others.


Yeah but lets face it, Clear Connect is superior to zigbee or z-wave


Will do :nerd_face:

You do pay for the reliability and speed. We you do commercial work people require that.

Yes there are reliable solutions out there with Zigbee for example but they are not as reliable. Zigbee can get bogged down and Zwave requires a lot of babying. I do use Zigbee along side Lutron but Lutron is the main lighting and shade solution.

I have to completely agree. There are limits so I do like to mix Zigbee in with Caseta (for motion specific light and other sensors).

From “official Lutron contributor” 2/9/2021:

Thank you for your post.

We wanted to highlight a few things about Integration with Lutron Devices. Specifically focusing on Telnet and LEAP.

  1. Telnet for existing systems like RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS is not going away. Those integrations will continue work as they have.

  2. The LEAP API is something that can be used with Caséta and RA2 Select and is necessary for HW QSX

  3. LEAP is not just cloud integration, it can be local or cloud; common industry alliances in this market are all going local (C4, Crestron, etc)

  4. Lutron is working with a wide variety of 3rd party companies for support of QSX LEAP integration. Most of the big name companies already have integration or have QSX integration coming in the very near future.

  5. If there is a company or product that people would like to see us integrate with, they can email and it will get evaluated by the business

At least with the introduction of the Diva/Claro dimmer/switch styles and their integration with the Caseta Hub, it appears that there is at least a short/midterm commitment to ClearConnect and hopefully maintenance of the Telnet comms. Unfortunately, I am assuming that Lutron’s “partnerships” with “the big name companies” regarding the integration of OSX Leap requires licensing fees, which I also assume HE would not be interested in paying. That being said, not sure if this will lead to loss of Telnet support on Lutron’s part killing HE integration in the future (again, hopefully delayed by the introduction of the Diva/Claro integration). I am making a ton of assumptions here but I am also assuming that as long as our Lutron Caseta Pro hubs do not suffer physical failure, that as long as our HE hubs also do not physically fail, that we can keep using them indefinitely together (as long as we do not need to replace or get more dimmers/switches).

With Lutron, given the cost of each dimmer/switch, obsolescence will be especially expensive (I think the new Diva dimmers are 70 USD a pop, and the Claro switches are 60 USD each). Anyone have any plans to develop new HE drivers?


I have faith that Leap will end up on Hubitat. If there are fees it can be dealt with by charging a fee for the service.

I do think that Caseta with Telnet will be around for many years. If you ever see Caseta 2; then worry.

With these switches I will easily be able to do large homes with the 75 limit. That is a Caseta limit not a Hubitat one :nerd_face:

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The main nice new feature of the Lutron dimmer is that it will remember what setting it was last on and turn on to that the next time you manually turn on the switch.

This drives me crazy with the current Lutron switches as our kitchen lights are not operated off motion sensors and when I wake up in the middle of the night and go to turn in the kitchen lights, I either have to press the up button many times to get to a good low light or hit the on button and get blinded by full brightness.


How about a rule that says if that light comes on, dim to x%?

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No kidding, I can't remember the last time I have a Lutron Caseta switch dropping off my mesh. Like never once.


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