Hank HKZW-SCN04 Remote

Does anyone know if there is a driver for this remote. I saw the mention of a single button Hank remote but I could not find this one. Thanks

FOUND IT: The list says use the Aeotec Nanomote driver. I will give it a try.

how'd did it work out for you? It's on sale at thesmartesthouse for 20 bucks


The Hank 4 button remote works fine with Hubitat.

Thanks, so 4 buttons x push, hold, release, double tap = 16 actions?

I don't remember seeing the double tap. But the manual shows the other three. Now if I could just find the Z button!

I use one of these all the time!

I have it mounted in my car, and when I press a button, the garage door opens, the doors unlock, lights turn on, etc...

What is really quite amazing is the range of this thing. At least 100 feet from my hub. No problem with range from my driveway!

My only issue is remembering what all the little symbols will do.

@jtmpush18 Yes, but what button did you push to include/exclude it? Manual says the Z button. No such button in the manual picture! As for remembering what each button does I purchased a label maker that uses either a .23", .35", or .47" white tape cartridge. The .23" is perfect for remotes.

That would be the button in the centre (center).