[GUIDE] REST980 in Synology docker for iRobot Scheduler ( Roomba server)

On Synology NAS. It works for all Rest980 server not just for:


Was banging my head trying to get this ruining on a Mac mini, until I found this. Had it running on the NAS in 10 muintes.


Are you also running node red on the synology? I got it installed but when I go to NASIP:1880/ui I get "Cannot get ui" any suggestions appreciated. when in doubt reboot! It's running now. Sweet!!


When you are in this setup.
Both fields have to be 1880.

Yeah I had that, but it would not work unit I rebooted the NAS. Oh well all is good now, both Roomba and Node-red are up and running now. Thanks for the pic write up. now to master node-red (seemingly a feat in itself)