Guidance on flashing Lucci Connect fan remote

Hi Hubitaters!

I need some help flashing my Lucci Connect fan remote as suggested by @at9 here: Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat - #1654 by at9 :

Looks like you can flash Tasmota on them with tuya convert.
There is a fork of Tasmota modified to work with HE here.

Tasmota Device Templates Repository

Configure Lucci Connect Remote Control to work with Tasmota firmware

I have never flashed a device before, so have no idea where to start...

Some help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

You can flash to Tasmota using Tuya Convert by following this. Once you have Tasmota on there you can follow this HE thread for drivers and upgrading to HE specific firmware.



I'll give this a go!

I used this guide

(Ha! @jchurch beat me to it!)

.....And followed all of Markus' instructions here to get the correct firmware

....remembering to flash in this order (you'll get the gist of it from subsequent responses from @jchurch and markus).


@mikeb147 For the driver, it will require some specialization. It is easily added to the new driver which is in Closed Beta. PM me when you have flashed the device and we'll sort it out.


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