So I updated to the latest code, and as suggested I moved to room lighting, but now how do I create a group of devices I want to control together under a single device??

Select them as Devices to Activate and select an Activation Device in the lower right hand corner of the app main page. Push the Update button. That will create a virtual device with the name you gave it. When that device is controlled, the Devices to Activate will follow suit.


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So for the life of me this just doesn't work as easy as the old groups did.

Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. I used to have a group named Home Theater, within it I had my recessed home theater lights (3 Homeseer switches).

  2. That group was also available to Alexa, I am able to group devices on Alexa so I didn't need to do anything on the Hubitat side.

  3. I have three dashboards, the old way was that I could use the group as a button in those dashboards,

My issue now is the Room Lighting is spotty at best, 1/2 the time it doesn't turn on the lights, and when it does, it sets them to 1%. If I set them to 100% using Alexa, then try to use the room lighting, it sets them all right back to 1%.

I know progress is good, and I love some of the new things this can do, but it is way over complicated for what I need, is there any way to get where I need to be?

my dashboards now have buttons that don't work.
I have one called downstairs, if I hit that button not all the lights come on anymore, some just never do. But if I use Alexa it works fine and they do all come on.

One option is to just keep using the old Groups and Scenes instead of switching to RL at this point. It might make sense to wait to migrate given the relative newness and associated growing pains of a new and more complex app like RL. You could stick w/your existing groups for now and move over slowly in the future, hopefully w/less frustration.

To get more help w/the RL group you've created you're going to need to post a screen cap of it so that the devices and settings can be seen.

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Thanks, I would but after migrating I removed the groups app and now cannot add it back.

I will post my setup.

If you restore a backup taken before you deleted groups and scenes, that will also restore the app and the groups you had set up in it. Just want you to know that's an option if that's a path you would like to follow.


Yeah too late, backups don't go that far back.
I did it about 7 days ago and my last backup is form 6 days ago so no luck.

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