Can't swap existing Group-2.1 activators

But it learned just the other day that the device swapper does not support groups and room activators. :smiley:

Yes, but what does that have to do with the OPs question?

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You are correct. It does not. But I bet it’s the next thing he finds out.

I bet not, since he's talking about how to create one, not how to import one.

I guess you're just trying to be helpful, right? I don't get it.


In my case I was creating group activators and then I proceeded to swap the groups in my rules for the group activators.

Yes I also know you are going to tell me that that is not the intended was that room lighting is intended to be used. Ok I concede that point. But if that’s the way you were using groups then it is the easiest way to transition.

I wasn’t trying to throw stones. I just thought it would be his next step.

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