Groups and Scenes


You might want to create a scene that contains a group. For example, if you have a bunch of recessed Hue bulbs and you want all of them the same, you can create a group for them. Then you could add that group to a scene for the entire living room. Only limitation would be that all the recessed lights within a group have to have the same settings. Its a trade off. But at least you would reduce the popcorn effect and also allow different settings for the cans vs a lamp in the room for example.


No, I am not directly connecting bulbs its running through the hue hub.

Each room (for the most part) has a mix of hue bulbs in lamps and fans with recessed lighting being controlled by Lutron Caseta dimmers.


That is not something I want to do - we have specific settings for specific ?moods? and various colors and levels.


So I didn't have any of the rooms select - what would that actually do (besides adding more items in the list like "Living Room", "Kitchen" ...?

Thanks for the help BTW


I'm sorry, I don't understand. So, how many recessed cans do you have? Each one of them has a unique setting? IE. can 1 dim to 20% can 2 to 35% can 4 to 40% etc. that's how your scene is set up? Or are all your cans the same within the scene. Because that is exactly what I am talking about.


My "Living Room" has two sets of recessed lights - so 2 wired Caseta switches control - one is the main lights while the other are accent lights over the fireplace. Then there are various floor lamps and table lamps populated with Hue color bulbs.

So random example:
Main lights set to 20%
Accent lights set to 10%
1 lamp blue
1 lamp red
1 lamp green
(lamps at diff brightness).

Another scene could have main lights off accent light to 50% and lamps different colors etc ... does that help?


Oh, i'm sorry, I misunderstood. I thought your recessed cans were the hue and those were the ones popcorning. Well, if anyone is having that problem, that would be the way to solve it. LOL. Good idea...just not for your setup. Sorry.

Yeah, if you're talking about the popcorning of your accent lights, there's probably nothing to do about that unless HE comes up with a group/scene combo type of app. Which would be great but probably REALLY hard to get to work right.


Popcorning is not horribly bad - but you know you don't want it at all. Its livable for sure.


Oh...i hear ya. You want it to be perfect if you can. But there's definitely a line between "fine, if i have to" and "eh, ok" (if that makes any sense at all).


So, I guess this was fixed at some point? My ghost scene isn't showing up any more but I never saw anything in the release notes about this being fixed.


I apologize if this issue has already been solved I tried to look through as much as I could first.

I am using the HUE integration app and I am having problems with Scene capture.

Here is what I did and what happens: I open up my hue app and load a scene that I like then I wait for 1 minute for HE to register/refresh the scene. I then open up Groups and Scenes and capture that scene and name it. To test it out I then went back into my hue app and changed all the bulbs to Red and then waited a minute and then activated the recently created scene and the bulbs change close to the scene I had captured but some of the bulbs have a red tint to them. Its almost like a mix of the scene and the red lights. It's very possible that I have a setting wrong and may be an easy fix.

It's almost like my hub needs to be calibrated or something??

I can get more detailed specific information if anyone would like to help me out!


EDIT When creating the scene I selected two groups "Kitchen" and "Living Room" that were made in HUE and moved over through the integration


This may be part of the problem. It could be that the way those groups are captured isn't right. Could you post the app status page for that Scene. Gear icon at top of Scene page, or left of Scene on Apps list.


Is this what you needed?


Would you try an experiment: Make the bulbs red like you did, and then on the device page set Color Temperature to 2915 and see what happens with them. Do they go to the same weird color you've seen before, or do they go to the warm white???


The device page for the scene or one of the groups that are involved with that scene? Or both?


The device page for the Hue group device.


Hey there sorry for the delayed response the experiment that you advised me to make worked. Before you spend too much time helping me troubleshoot I am going to use it everyday to see if the problem persists. If it does I will let you know!! Thanks for the help!


What happened? Did they go to warm white from the device page?


Yes! I have 2 Hue groups that make up the main room (Kitchen and Living Space), I changed both groups to red and in the device page of those hue groups and typed in my temp to 2915 and they all changed without any red tint. I then changed them back to red and then used the scene I created and it also worked. It seems like in the beginning the problem was intermittent so I will continue using it and see if I run into that problem again! I might be back thank you so much!


I've just set up my first scene that I'm using for my Evening lights which used to be an old group. It's now a mix of some dimmers and some switches. I switch it on at dusk(ish) and off at bedtime using the virtual scene switch that it creates. It has worked fine so far, but I noticed today in playing around with it that the virtual switch goes off if any of the lamps in the group are adjusted. I can see why this would be because technically that exact scene isn't on anymore. But this also means that when I come to turn the other lights in the scene off with the virtual switch at bedtime, it presumably wouldn't fire because the virtual switch is already off?

So is there a way to turn off all lights in a scene off, even if some of them may have been adjusted since they were switched on? I can see that I could create another scene with the same lights, set them all to off and activate that at bedtime but it seems a bit inelegant.