Grouping notification devices

Hi all,

Is there currently any way to group notification devices somehow ?

While using Hubitat in an office I have people joining and leaving and I need an easier way to add/remove them for notifications, instead of going into each app/rule I'd love to be able to add them to a group (say Warnings - like 'ya left the fridge door open', Arming Alerts - like 'everyone left and the office is not armed!!', Critical - like 'A thief is on premise!!!')

You could try the follow me app mabey
It creates a single notification device which you could use in rules then the app farms out the messages

It's a guess you would have to give it a try

Never used Follow Me, and maybe it would work too; otherwise, this is an app and driver "Notification Proxy" that I threw together for myself a while back that sounds like exactly what you were looking for:

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I have created a Global Variable called 'Notification', along with a rule called 'Sub Notification', which outputs a standard Notification message plus the Notification GV.

I then use the Action 'Run Actions', please see below. This means that I only have to maintain the Rule 'Sub Notification'.

Sub Notification Rule:

Edit: I use the prefix 'Sub' to indicate a rule with no triggers, that is called from other Rules.

Hi and thank you for the links.

I've used this app/driver combo, seems to work so far.
One note, I've added the app twice to use two proxies.


Aaaand I went overboard a little and also created a Presence device called Everyone that a Rule Machine rule updates.

Trigger: when Presence of [X,Y,Z] changed
IF (X,Y,Z any present) then
Run custom action Everyone.arrived() //this is more like Someone/Anyone but well...
IF (X,Y,Z all not present) then
Run custom action Everyone.departed()

Now I can also use Everyone to know if there are people in the office, and I only need to add the people in this one rule.

Maybe sometime I'll add this into the code for the app. Sometime...

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