Groovy deprecation on ST plaform - October 15, 2022

The dates have changed:
September 30: migration from Groovy Device Handlers to Edge Drivers begins
October 15: Groovy support on the ST platform ends

I wonder if that will trigger a new wave of converts fro ST to Hubitat and/or Home Assistant?

Hopefully the faithful who are still using ST will make the transition to Edge drivers smoothly. The webCoRE folks are not going to be pleased, though!


Fair point. IMO, that’s the group that’s most likely to switch to Hubitat.


I still have a "production" house running on ST, as well as a dev hub. For me, the transition to Edge hasn't been smooth at all. The replacement for the groovy ide is lacking key features, theres no user trigger able conversion from a groovy DTH to an Edge one yet, and it doesn't seem like they'll be able to polish up the rough edges (no pun intended) by September-October. I have no issues with lua and I like the local processing but I'm not holding much hope.

For my own HE development, the worst part of ST leaving Groovy behind is that I'm mostly using the ST documentation for reference. Old archives are still available but slowly ST has been switching to Edge/lua documentation. The Hubitat docs for developers are "sparse".


I think this need to be brought up for all those folks still using hubconnect to interface with ST. This will mean the end of that integration as well.


Yes. And, I agree, the ST Groovy docs were very helpful!


The Hubitat developer docs should get better as the completion of a documentation project that I hope will soon be public wraps up and time allows, though end user docs are being prioritized at the moment (and will probably always be to some extent if time is the constraint, but I hope that is less of a concern in the future). :slight_smile:


Excellent to hear. It's hard to recommend a product who's best developer documentation is a competitors previous generation from archive sites.

If you need a beta tester, I'm interested.

I'm not sure that Hubitat beta tests documentation, but if they decide to open something up, I'll keep this in mind. :smiley:

All Hubitat documentation I'm aware of is original, whether written by staff or contracted out. (I'm assuming you might be referring to the occasional practice some have of seeking similar documentation elsewhere, but if not....) Most Hubitat users are also not developers (and probably don't even use custom code at all, though I don't think they have a way to truly collect statistics on this), which is likely why most focus has been on the end-user experience. But I certainly understand the concern and do anticipate some improvements in the future!


I wasn't implying the HE docs were copied from ST. I was just saying if you need to look up how things should/do work, I found that the ST docs (and DTH's - lots and lots of examples) are invaluable. Often the HE Doxygen style docs don't help much. For example:

Very true, but I look at things from a developers angle when making suggestions to others or when supporting family/friends in their automation endeavours. Those same people will later come to me asking if something is possible or for some custom integration...

Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to more detailed documentation soon!


Side comment, but why do these projects have to use odd case spellings and goofy names of things? WebCoRE? (i get the history CoRE, etc) Zwavejs2Mqtt? Geez... I realize naming things can be difficult but some of these are just silly.


Hey, hey, nothing goofy about CoRE (Community's Own Rule Engine) ... and not because I came up with the name LOL. The "web" was attached later to emphasize that has a web based UI outside the groovy backend.


:slight_smile: The case changes always make my brain parse it as Web-Coe-Ree or Web-Cooperative-RE. We engineers come up with some interesting names.

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Yeah, I'm not sure why the "o" is lowercase given that it's not a word traditionally omitted in English-language acronyms, written in lowercase when using title casing conventions, or anything else I can think of that would make "o" more appropriate than "O" (whatever those reasons would be, maybe emphasizing some thing pun-ny?), so CORE would have been my choice. But I guess it looks cool? :smiley:

But only as a re-written app that actually did gain a web-based editor; the original CoRE had a SmartApp-only UI (that I could never quite get the hang of, so the web editor made it a lot easier, IMHO!).

That was Ady's touch. Cannot take credit for that.. :slight_smile:

" CoRE (Community's own Rules Engine) - is a rule engine that takes events and states as input and executes actions based on the relationships between these events and states. CoRE is the main application that hosts Pistons."


Webcore and hubitat are the sole reasons I stuck with smart home projects, at all.

I almost ripped the lot out entirely when smartthings initially became utterly wan*. I still receive fairly regular emails advising that something is broken, then another a day lor so later saying it's fixed for now.

I love webcore infinitely more than my dog. Awesome bit of kit.


I actually just tossed my smartthings hub in the trash. I kept it in the box with spare devices for the last 2 yrs after switching to hubitat.


My ST hub is sitting on top of my Homeseer box. A nice reminder of why I switched to Hubitat. :smile:


official announcement

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