Greetings, sold wink hub today, receiving elevation hub tonight. Wink relay


My only concern is how hard it is to port over the wink relay. Also if I do it, I also run homebridge, will the relay buttons show up in homekit?


@josh Can help you with this question.


Thank you, now the question is, how will the buttons import into homekit


Maybe Josh knows the answer. I don't have a relay, but I can tell you that the Wink Hub can be locally controlled from HomeKit using Homebridge, and then synced back to HE via HomeKit automations.


The thing is, I THINK the wink hub can only be controlled locally after the hub contacts the cloud


Correct. Read my post I linked to and you'll see that I noted that. Once it loses connection to the cloud, everything will continue to work locally until you lose power to the Wink hub, Then it must connect to the cloud again for local control to work.


Sorry, I missed that. Now the “hacked” relay would be 100% local. I just wonder how that would translate via the he homebridge plugin


Using the custom Wink Relay integration I developed, everything runs locally on your LAN.

The STWinkRelay app that you install on the Wink Relay replaces the stock app and services that run on the relay so it no longer talks to Wink at all. The STWinkRelay app runs a set of services including a discovery protocol, web server, etc that allow it all to run directly on your LAN.

To be completely transparent, I don't use Wink Relays in my home anymore. I found them to be rather buggy devices and ended up switching to wall mounted tablets that run dashboard.


Thanks I already done that. Now trying to figure out how to “disable” the relay, and only use the buttons as triggers


I'm pretty sure there's an option in the custom STWinkRelay app that runs directly on the Wink Relay to do this.

PS. I just replied to your other thread with the same question as well. :slight_smile: