Grafana and MakerAPI

I have setup a container on my NAS and want to use Grafana to parse data over time from a MakerAPI variable. Is the output from a MakerAPI GET JSON? If not, what would be best to parse the string output from MakerAPI?

Many users, like me, include influxdb, having events streamed via Maker API into an influx db, then hook up Grafana to the influx db for reporting I don't personally have this running in containers, but would like to eventually.

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Thank you for responding. Guess I'll be the guinea pig then. Is the output just HTML something else? Never used InfluxDB, so I guess I can look at that. Just installed the Infinity Plugin and I am getting a "401 Unauthorized" response right now, so trying to figure that out.

Same here. I have Node Red, InfluxdB, and Grafana all running on Qnap Nas

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The output from Grafana is HTML, which I embed as an iFrame in my HE dashboards, or anywhere where you can embed an iFrame. Like @waynespringer79 mentions, these setups typically use Node RED to get the data from the Hubitat Hub into the Influx database, then setup a connection inside Grafana to the database. I'd send you the details for how I set mine up, but it may be different in a container setup... @waynespringer79 - I assume yours are running in containers? Do you have a Community thread or some other instructions on how you set yours up?

In case it is of any use, this is the thread I followed:

Grafana is my new hero, btw. I put in 10 new humidity sensors throughout the house 2 days ago as I use the average app to average them to use that value in my HVAC automation. For the last 2 days since adding them I kept trying to figure out why the average number was higher then (almost all) of the sensors I randomly checked.

Turns out 1 of those 10 is a defective sensor as it is within 5 feet of 2 others on the list and not near anything to cause high humidity.

Thanks to Grafana I could easily see which sensor was causing the bad calculation. As anytime the Air Conditioning would run (which would cause a decrease in humidity) That sensor went UP in the reading.

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Sorry, I think I misread your earlier question. You were asking about the output from Maker API. Yes, I believe that is JSON, from what I remember seeing when calling it from a browser. I guess the important part from my earlier post is that others have already done the work to translate this for you without needing to do the coding, the link I provided gives you a node app that hooks into a Maker API install on your HE hub and all you need to do is add your devices over time and it will just work.

Nope it's all ran through the Linux Station on the Nas, but I do believe Linux Station does install container station, but as far as all the IP configs use the linux station IP on the Nas. But I haven't myself set up any containers to use for these.

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