Govee WiFi Thermometer Driver

Has anyone figured out how to make Govee HS5051 Wifi Thermometer/ Hygrometer work with HE? I’ve been searching with no luck.

It doesn't look like they have an API so someone would need to reverse engineer it which is a lot of work (speaking from experience with other devices). My recommendation, unfortunately, would be -- it is probably easier to invest in a different device that already works with HE than to try to find someone to code this for you.

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I bought a different device and am now using this as a paper weight.

Lol. Welcome to the club of expensive-smart-home-paperweight owners!

The sad thing is I have two different paper weight thermometers this and a Switchbot.

I don't know if this helps to get this integrated directly but there is an integration for Homebridge... I just ordered 2 of these as I have so much trouble integrating my Xiaomi bluetooth Hygrometers.... I will be testing these out in the next couple days....

These work Great with HomeKit and alexa integration..but much more stable than the Xiaomi Bluetooth sensors....... if only we could get these to talk to Hubitat!!!

@kesnalawrence What device did you end up buying and did it integrate with HE?

That is more like a bluetooth sniffer than a integration. Considerint HE doesn't habe BTLE as a option for communication this would be difficult to use.

Also it looks like that integrates into homebridge instead of being something independent that sends data to it. So another mark against it. If it was something external that put data in it then maybe it could be updated to just send the info into HE via Maker API.

Lastly the Govee API's are pretty much light and switch centric. Unfortunately there is nothing in their API's currently for these devices.

It is a very long shot, but it would be interesting to see if the Thermometer would even be reported as on your account if you loaded up the "Govee Immersion LED driver" and went through the initial setup.

It does look like the Govee API though it doesn't have any information related to your device could just be a undocumented option. Can you try to load the Govee Immersion LED Strip driver and then get the logs when it tries to do the initial lookup. I am curious what devices are showed in the return information. It is a very long shot, but if the device is listed then it may not take much to create a driver from that. My Hope is that it would show up with no controllable commands, but will be retrievable. Then it would just be a driver that would pool the Govee api on given intervals. Again if this does show up it is undocumented.

This idea has nothing to do with the plug in mentioned above as that is just a BTLE listener.