Google speakers for sale

I'm selling off my google and chrome cast speakers for the cheap. If anyone is interested. All speakers work with Google Home, including groups, as well as Hubitat chromecast integration. These are large speakers with really good bass too. Great for TTS

1 Google nest audio, Color Sage. $65.00

3 Vizio Crave 360's (they are also portable, battery lasts 9 hours) Really good sound. Chromecast or Bluetooth. $50.00 each


1 LG Music Flow H7 w/ chromecast $50.00


I wonder if you are selling them because Hubitat seem to have a history with them working reliably with TTS. My SONOS speakers have no problem with TTS but TTS seem to not work on non-SONOS speakers reliably.

None of them had an issue with TTS and Hubitat. I switched to Apple Homepods. Eventually tts will be available for that but the main reason was homekit integration.