Google Photos API Hubitat Dashboard Frame

I’ve searched and cannot find anything indicating anyone has attempted this. Has anyone figured out how to create a Google Photos App for Hubitat dashboards? To display photos from a google photos album that updates every 1 minute or so? Like the google hub does? I have several google nest hubs, but, I really want my own custom dashboards, not what they offer.

I don't believe that's possible, natively. But it can be done on Android tablets, not sure about nest hubs.

Install Fully Kiosk on the tablet, and set the URL of your dash to the start URL on Fully.
You can then set a time out to load a URL (like a screensaver would).

Set that URL to, (after creating a free account). You can then link your photos to the dakboard account.

I did write a help doc on this when I was using ST, sadly I cant find it. :expressionless:

This is my current solution, and it works well using Dakboard. However, I’m really looking for a single solution, not a series of solutions. Something installed and controlled from hubitat (yes, I am aware that google photos is cloud based already). But, I really want to limit the points of data I must rely upon.

Ah you have it already, cool. Yeah sadly I cant see this happening, I think that kind of sits just outside of HA. Although would be useful.

I haven’t investigated whether an API exists to pull in Google photos. But if you were able to get a URL to the photo, I think you could use Conditional Image Server to “serve” it up from Hubitat. You could set up rule machine to pull in a new picture every minute or however often you liked.

As is, I think that solution would require the image to be at a “publicly accessible” URL, which could of course be a “secret” URL only you know. If it were possible to have an authenticated session into Google photos, the same idea could be used on top of that for secure access to your photos.

Edit: having looked now into this a bit more, the API exists for this to work. I think it is possible. It is just a matter of how hard it would be to do it. Particularly the authorization for the API is a bit involved it seems.

@dkilgore90 might be able to speak to how easy it would be to develop an integration with Google photos, as the developer of the newest Google Device Access integration.

Definitely do-able - will require a similar authorization workflow to the Device Access - a GCP project with the Photos Library API enabled, then copy the OAuth secrets into the HE App. So a bit of a pain to set up for the user - but could re-use the same methods to authorize. I can try to put something together

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Ok, so I dug a little deeper, and may have to walk some of this back. It's possible, but without an "official" integration, with verification of domains, etc (which would essentially require Hubitat dev to take over the project) -- you would have to manually re-authorize with Google every 7 days. This is slightly different from the Device Access project, which was designed from the start at Google to allow individual integrations.

So there is some sort of api.

Completed a first-pass implementation -- we'll see if the authorization holds on, details are sketchy as to limitations when the only user is the owner of the project. Note that there is pre-requisite setup for a Google Cloud Platform project and API enabling on google's side -- I documented the steps in the README file. If you have any trouble or suggestions, please add them to the new thread I created for the App/Driver:

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