Google Nest Mini goes quiet

I have been trying to get a nest mini to act as an announcement speaker. I have the Chromecast Integration (Beta) app installed with the speaker selected and polling set on set to 60 seconds, also tried 300. I have the notifications app installed with several text to speech notifications set up for exterior doors opening. About every 24-48 hours the speaker stops speaking and I need to use the initialize button on the device page. I activated debug logging, used the speak button with the word TEST and noticed this warning in the past log with a recent timestamp.

[warn] not parsed:{"requestId":0,"status":{"devices":[{"capabilities":196612,"deviceId":"aa2ffe37-6cb9-a705-d504-6977a1bd427c","name":"Office speaker","volume": {"level":1.0,"muted":false}}],"isMultichannel":false},"responseType":"MULTIZONE_STATUS"}

This error does not report after using the initialize button. Any ideas?

I made a rule to initialize the mini (Google Home Mini) every 30 minutes. It may be excessive, but my Mini stays connected and communicates reliably.

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This little app also works very well to solve this problem.

[quote="[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive, post:1, topic:19237"]
With Firmware release, Chromecast Integration now includes a setting to enable connection keep-alive through device polling. Making this app no longer needed.

I did not originally try this because of this sentence in the description. I have been using the "keep-Alive" function set to both 300 and 60 seconds but still have the issue.

Looks interesting. What app did you use to make the rule?

Made in Rule Machine. I used Rule Machine 5.0, but the current version should be very similar.

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Had trouble finding how to invoke the init command but have it setup now with a 30 minute interval. Has been working fine for several days so far. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, very helpful.


I appreciate the feedback. It is nice to know that my rule works for others also.

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