Google Nest Hub Max review: bigger screen, better sound, and a camera


I would be curious what people think of it and how it works with Hubitat if you get one.


This is definitely a big improvement over the regular Home Hub, specially now that it has a camera so you can use Dou on it.

That said, this device is not running a standard Android, my understanding is that it uses the same OS that Chromecast devices use, this means you cannot just install any Android application you want which severely limits the usability to just what Google Home ecosystem supports... For example, you would not be able to install the Hubitat App, although there may be a way to open a Hubitat Dashboard from it but I'm sure even if possible its not ideal.

At that price point, I think its a much better option to mount tablets on the wall with regular Android, the latest Nook or the Amazon Fire line are good options, you can install LineageOS 14 on the latest gen of the Fire tablets which is a pretty stock Android ROM and runs much better and faster than their FireOS without all the bloatware. Personally I'm just waiting for them to release the 8th gen version of the Fire HD 10 which should be coming soon...

Now, there is of course a lot of tinkering needed to do this, for those that want an out of the box solution the Nest Home Max seems like a great product that can already interact with Hubitat through the Google Home integration.


It requires using a rPI but it is possible...



Just realized they are available for order now... just ordered 1, should be here in a couple of days!


Let me know how it is. I'm 100% alexa with dots all over but If this is a viable replacement for a dashboard I might jump on it. I just have a love/hate relationship with google. I tend to love their products but hate what they do or can do with my data or meta data. Amazon probably isn't any better but you have to take a stance sometimes :slight_smile: .


I pick mine up on the way home from work today. Wife mainly wants the bigger screen for the picture screensaver... :roll_eyes:


Cool, didn't know that option existed, I think though that if you have to setup an rPi, etc. and specially at that price point having a regular Android tablet is a much better option...


I have my nest hub max... Its nicer than the Home Hub (better sound, bigger/nicer screen). I have the Home Hub, too, so am able to compare side to side.

I guess I have to finally get off my arse and make the CATT Director integration work too...


I do like my Home Hub but there is no way to open an HE dashboard on the Hub, as far as I know because there is no browser. And since it is not Android you cannot install the app. I did not even realize until after I bought it that there was no browser, which I really think is a big feature missing. I keep mine in the kitchen and even with simple things like looking up recipes, if voice does not provide the results you want, your kinda stuck. I only paid $50 for it, so wasn't too big of a deal, but I did want to use it has a dashboard for HE.

The CATT sounds interesting though.


You really need to check out CATT :grin:




And mine's alive now too. :smile: Wasn't too hard to setup, although a few different steps since I used ubuntu server instead of an rpi.

I'll probably go back and make a docker for it at some point instead of wasting a full ubuntu server vm for catt.


I wonder if we’ll start to see specific webcam covers for these. You’d need something special that didn’t interfere with the sensors on either side.

These kind just wouldn’t work.


Ask and ye shall receive. Any of 10 Colors!

The eye of (Morgoth/Sauron/Google) shall watch thee no more!



is that the default hubitat dashboard or one of the third party options?. Does TTS work on it? The other thing I was curious about it is if I can get apple music to play across it I assume I should be able to since I can do that on Alexa.


Apple Music is only able to be played if you pair a phone (or other device with Apple Music) to the speaker via Bluetooth. You cannot request Apple Music from the speaker via your voice. Apple Music is only supported by Google Assistant on phones, not on Google Home devices.

You should definitely not assume that. There are things that one does that the other doesn't and vice versa.


Yes, the built-in HE dashboards


No idea, don't use anything apple here.


Is the CATT setup compatible with Freebsd? I have a Freenas server that is already running and it would be trivial to create another jail to run the needed software, I could add a VM if needed but that takes up much more overhead then a jail.


It runs on python3. So anything that runs python3 can run catt. Technically at least.


Sorry I have not tried CATT but something that I am wondering, is this just casting a video /image of the Hubitat dashboard to the Home Hub?

If so, I would assume this is a view only thing and you cannot really interact with the dashboard, correct?