Google Home supported virtual device types

I am working on integrations with my HE and Google Home. In previous posts I read that GH should be able to see all virtual devices. To test this thought, I created a virtual AudioVolume, Button, Contact, Dimmer, Fan, and Switch. I initialized each one so its current state(s) would have a value other than null. Then associated each virtual device to GH. What I found was GH removed the devices it decided are not supported, which were the AudioVolume, Button, Contact, and Fan.

So, my findings are that you can only share virtual switches and dimmers between HE and GH.

Versions tested:

  • Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version:
  • Hardware Version: Rev C-5
  • Google Home Version:


I also tested @stephack virtual momentary and virtual contact with switch, GH liked both of those, but it added the momentary as a switch not a button.

So officially I have virtual switch, dimmer, momentary, and contact w/ switch devices working in GH.

The Hubitat - Google Home integration supports switches, dimmers, color bulbs/lights, and thermostats. That's all. It doesn't support momentary buttons or any type of sensor.

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I created virtual "Generic zigbee RGBW light", added it to Google Home app and clicked "done". When I open Google Home app in Hubitat for 2nd time, everything seems ok. But when I open it 3rd time, the new virtual light is removed from there. Can this please be fixed?

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