Google Home Supported Device Types


Can anyone provide some direction as to where I can find a list of the types of devices that Google Home can synchronize with? I realize this is really a question for Google but I haven't had any luck (yet) finding the answer on their resources (thus the reason for posting this in the Lounge area).

My specific use case is I have many sensors that report temperature. One, on my front porch, is specifically a temperature sensor (a Sensative Strips sensor). I would like it if my new Google Home Hubs could report the temperature from that sensor on the default time and temperature screen.



Has the Google Home app been updated to show it? I know you can look at the Google Assistant app or the Google Home app to see what device manufacturers Google Home devices support (which is anything the Google Assistant supports), but I don't know if the list is different for the Google Home Hub. Should be the same, just won't have all capabilities for the device.


Those are Z-Wave right? The Google Home Hub only has WiFi and Bluetooth radios. So the info for your device probably won't display on the screen with any of the current Google Home integrations and I don't know if it ever will. Google Home still cannot tell me weather data from my own station for example, but Alexa can.


I was hoping that, as a device integrated with Hubitat Elevation, that the integration with Google Home could allow Google Home to see those temperature values.

I added the device to the Google Integration app in Hubitat Elevation and then asked Google to Synchronize devices. I don't see the sensor on the list of devices in Google Home. It is only a sensor and most (if not all) the other devices that have synchronized with Google Home are switches.


Yes, the Sensative Strips are Z-Wave.


I believe the Home Hub and the Home Speakers (original and mini) support the same integrations. At least as far as I can tell at this early stage.


That's correct - they're all the same thing in different forms.


Not sure if this will wind up anyplace helpful, but I dug in a little bit and wound up at the last site listed below. Could be something worth looking at? (Also just found this, might be worth looking at: Compatible Gateways for Strips Comfort – Sensative AB)


The Sensative Strips pair and work fine with Hubitat (they also worked with SmartThings). I would like to find a way to use the temperature information from the Strips "Comfort" sensor (temperature and lux value) in Google Home. I've added all my switches through the google Home integration app and they work well (thus allowing me to turn off IFTTT for now) but when I add the Strips "Comfort" to the list in the app on Hubitat and tell one of the Google Home devices to Synchronize Devices it never shows up in Google Home. I suspect it's because that type of device is not yet supported by Google Home. Thus prompting me to inquire if Google publishes a list somewhere . . .


Took me a while to find in again. You have to click the "view more" at the top right of each category to see the complete list.


Our integration supports thermostats, bulbs switches and dimmers.


So he could have his Comfort strips set the temperature of a virtual thermostat via RM and then ask Google for the temperature of that virtual thermostat?


Excellent! Thank you!


Also, since @mike.maxwell says thermostats are supported, have you tried this?


Curiosity got the best of me. Was trying to build the rule myself, but although I can set the temperature to a specific value in the driver, and I can set it to a specific value with a custom command 'setTemperature', I cannot see a way to make a temperature sensor adjust the temperature of a virtual thermostat via Rule Machine.

@bravenel is this possible? The use case would be to allow a user to use any temperature sensor, map it's value to a virtual thermostat in RM and then be able to ask Alexa or Google Assistant for the temperature of the virtual thermostat and the feedback would actually be from the thermostat that was matching its reading to the virtual thermostat.


Are there any plans to expand on this? For example Window Shades is one in particular I would like to have since I just bought a bunch of Axis Gear motors for my roller shades :wink: