Google Home not updating with new devices

Your standard [quote="mike.maxwell, post:41, topic:5301"]
What driver are you using with the rgbw device that only shows as a dimmer?

Your standard "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light"

I have a few and they all only have dimming capabilities in the home app.

I'll have to remove one that should work then add some random stuff like switches and my Fibaro UBS one at a time and see when it fails? I'm assuming thats my only way?

Yeah, Google doesn't expose a color wheel if that's what you were looking for.
Don't worry about trying to see which device is problematic, I can poke at that.

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Yeah that's what I was hoping for :tired_face: . How come they are picked up as RGBW devices but only exposed as dimmers?

You would have to ask Google, voice commands for color settings work, this whole dashboard thing they're putting together is fairly new.

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yep tried this just now you can ask it to turn them to a colour and it does! It also then represents that colour on the page of the app but doesn't show the lamp as a RGBW device :thinking:

We have no control over the device display interface Google decides to present in their Home controls dashboard for any given device type.

No I know that i was just stating their misscomings and that your link worked :grin:

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Hi, I am trying to add my furnace to Google home and I get this error in the logs.

app:2752019-01-15 10:22:10.340 pmwarnThe following devices are not supported by Google Home and will be removed from your device list:[Furnace]

It is a Lennox iComfort and worked under ST. Here are the states it supports.

Current States

  • coolingSetpoint : 85.00
  • heatingSetpoint : 70.00
  • humidity : 27
  • presence : present
  • temperature : 70.00
  • thermostatFanMode : auto
  • thermostatMode : program
  • thermostatOperatingState : heating
  • thermostatProgram : Program 2:winter

Got any ideas what is wrong?

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