Google Home mini speaker not speaking

I have a Google Home mini speaker set up in Rule machine to speak messages such as "Front Door Open" when a contact sensor opens or "Motion Detected" when a motion sensor is triggered...just simple rules.

They work 99% of the time, but occasionally it seems like all the notifications get "back logged" for some reason and Google doesn't play them on each trigger. This happened last week & somehow or another, I did something and suddenly all of the backlogged triggers started playing...just can't remember what I did though to clear "the jam".

I've unplugged Google Home & plugged back in...still not working.

Any ideas on how to clear the jam or why the "jam" happens?

Try this....

Thank you for the tip...I gave Chromecast Helper a try but it did nothing for my problem...Google Home Mini is still silent on all HE Rule notifications when devices are triggered.

In your rule, try setting the volume before you send the TTS command. I had a similar issue and havenโ€™t noticed it since I did that.