Google Home Mini for $1 (USA Only)

Mine now says:
Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way.

Mine said that yesterday...then shipped today.

Mine was delivered today!


Mine should be here Friday.

I got the welcome email but not the Google offer email... How long did it take for you guys to get that email?

I did the upgrade from premium. took over an hour for the 2nd email from Spotify with the link to order.

Can only speak for myself, but IIRC, it was minutes, definitely within a half hour.


Never did get the email, but there is a link on the get started page just below the blue button that lets you claim the Home Mini.

In my case it took 3.5 hours from the time I got the "Welcome to Premium for Family" email until the "Your Google Home Mini is now available." email.

It took two days after I placed the order for the shipping confirmation email to arrive.

Mine shipped. Of course, I won't get it for months until I visit my parents, but they're getting them shipped out just the same.

Got my Mini yesterday. Thanks again @ogiewon.


Another thanks here. Ordered on the 5th, got delivered on the 19th.

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Mine will arrive today, but it will be delivered 2,243 miles away from here. Still, thanks are definitely in order. Thank you Dan!


I got mine last week! Woohoo

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Still getting the run-around from Spotify. But I have found a whole bunch of other people this has happened to on the Spotify forum. So, at least I'm not alone. :cry:

I received my Mini yesterday. There was a bit of a delay because I was traveling and didn't pick up my mail for a bit. Now it's here and working great.

Thanks to the OP for the heads up.

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I got mine today.

Wondering what I'll do with it :frowning:


You can try this! :slight_smile: It's a fun project that offers simple TTS and can actually open up a few more integrations to Hubitat if you creatively use the [CC] prefix to issue custom commands (i.e. essentially the same commands you would verbally issue to a Google Home, but programatically.)

Well, I have to say, I'm shocked by Spotify. After giving me the runaround for over 3 weeks, they actually made good on their promise. Got a new offer email the other day, redeemed it and got shipping confirmation this morning. I guess Spotify wanted to give me a Christmas gift, a renewed belief that not everyone is out to screw you. :grin:


Got my Google Home Mini yesterday. Twelve days to ship it, but I can’t complain since it only cost $1.

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