Google Home Mini for $1 (USA Only)


So it looks like there's supposed to be another way to claim the free GH mini on the following page: Spotify

Click the "Get your Google Home Mini" link at the bottom of the page...

...then click the "Check availability" link...

...then :sob:


Looks like they're on to us. Hopefully they honor the deal and don't string us along like they did to @Ryan780


I've got a screenshot of the offer page in case they decide to renege. We're not doing anything wrong here--just taking advantage of an existing offer. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that there's possibly a technical issue ATM.


I just got the E-Mail and it took me through to checkout for $0.00. COOLNESS!


Yep--me too!


Yeah, I have copies of the email with the offer for the mini and the email canceling the order. So, they'd better not try and screw me on this! I'll be PISSED!


Ordered mine on BF. Got order confirmation e-mail almost instantly. Literally just got order SHIPPED e-mail.



I'm an early user of Alexa with 5 echo devices in the house. However, for free, it's worth checking out how the other half lives. :rofl:

Since I already have a Spotify Premium account I had to go with the upgrade to family deal to get the mini. Took about an hour after the welcome to family email before I got the here's how to order your free mini email from Spotify. Google confirmed the order and I'm just waiting for shipping notice.

@ogiewon Thanks for posting this.


I did it ... supposedly ordered ... we'll see.


Confirmed. It's ordered.


Somebody in Canada should try this. If you go to the Canadian store and enter the promo code this give you (it's in the address when you're redirected) it doesn't say it's not valid, it only says that it's been used already.

[Edit] Looks like the Google Store in Canada isn't offering a single Mini, only a set of two for $79 CAD. So even if the code was accepted, it might not apply to that order anyway.


I jumped on the Spotify Premium GH offer as soon a the offer came out, and received it a few weeks ago. I didn't really need another one, but hey - free is good.


Sounds like my Black Friday "Echo Dot 3 for $24 if you order using Alexa" Cluster F&*! experience.


My order has shipped! Further down in the email it shows the $49 credit and the final total of $0.


:crossed_fingers: still waiting for my confirmation.


I got a shipment notification yesterday. But I got mine as part of the Premium Family plan, not as part of a trial period.


Talked to Spotify for the third time since having my order canceled 2 weeks ago and still no answer on when or how they are going to resolve it. I have a feeling that I'm getting yanked around here until they finally decide it's just been too long. I'm debating about whether to try and sign up with a different email address. LOL


Finally got my shipment notification. :grinning:


Mine now says:
Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way.


Mine said that yesterday...then shipped today.