Google Home Mini for $1 (USA Only)


Just saw this trick online for getting a Google Home Mini shipped to your house for $1. I just followed the directions and Google is shipping a mini to me. I was only billed $1 on my credit card by Spotify. Just need to remember to cancel the trial Spotify membership after 2 months to avoid being charged monthly.



Mine's on the way too.


Thx....they are so useful


I'm a premium member already, didn't realize I could get a mini for free. Got one on the way, thanks! :grin:


Luckily for me, I already bought one for $25 last week.



Get another one! :sunglasses:


I did everything but when I go to the Google store it still charges me 49.99 at checkout. Not sure what to do now.


It started off at $49 in the Google store (using the email link from Spotify), but then a $-49 discount was applied BEFORE I finished the order, during the checkout process.


Got it working by using the Samsung browser to open the email link. Chrome is really failing for me these days.

Thanks for the link @ogiewon. Love free (almost) stuff.


Wow makes my two for $18 deal look like a waste of money.
Current line purge? New model coming?
Picking my two up from the Wal tomorrow night.


How did you get a trial membership? Even when I use a new email address, they don't offer a trial for the GHM deal. Planning to have one shipped to my parents house, but if I have to pay a month, that's around $20 CAD converted, and I'm not really into that. Don't need another Mini that bad, I
have Amazon Unlimited on trial until January and I can get a 3 month Canadian Spotify trial for $0.99.


The Spotify 3 month trial for $0.99 is converted to Family and reduces the trial to 2 months for that 99 cents. Family plan gets you the GH for free, but "stacking" of the two deals gets you Family for $0.99


Just signed up and can confirm that the deal stacking works and Spotify Premium Family is $0.99 and auto renews on 2/2/19 for $14.99/mo. The Spotify emails confirming the Spotify Premium and Spotify Premium Family subscriptions came through immediately but 30 minutes later no GH mini redemption email. How quickly did you guys get the GH mini email?


Google's strategy: Infiltrate all the houses, ask questions later.


I got mine within a minute. In your Spam folder maybe?


same here


Nope. Nothing in the junk mail folder.


I did this about a week and a half ago. Order went through and was then canceled by Google. After 3 hours on chat with support for Spotify and Google I'm told "we'll be sending something out to those customers that were affected." Still waiting to hear back from them. So annoyed.


Same. Deal stacking worked. Might be too late already for the GHM. :no_mouth:


Same here...Nada in the E-Mail folders for the mini.