Google Home Mini - A great little tts speaker


I use Salli as well.

I could do with or without the connection sound, although I think the bigger issue is the lack of a default volume setting. No matter what comes out of that speaker, if it's 100% volume it's going to scare the pants off of you.


My app has individual speaker volume setting which has been working well for my Minis



Release it!!! Now!!


Just messing with you mate.

I know you are a perfectionist. :wink:


It's not far off.
Possibly tomorrow if I can find the time to get everything updated
(I will also have to be available to answer the inevitable questions on it's use.)


Thank you sir. My hat is off to you


Random error, anyone getting the same?

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method launchApp() on null object (speak)


I get that sometimes. If I do an init on the speaker it starts working again. I haven't tried troubleshooting it any further than that, though.


There we go, init did the trick..


Usually means your Google Home device changed its IP address. Make sure to create a DHCP Rservation in your router to prevent them from changing.


That fixed it for mine. They've been a couple of days now without dropping out.


Thanks, done.. will report back if it happens again


You got the MP3 playing in MC to work with the native Chromecast integration? How did you do that? I havent been able to get that to work.


If anyone is interested, (@cknickl ?) I have released my little app & driver



This could be used as a UPS for a Google Home Mini where always ON was necessary. :slight_smile:
Battery base


@Cobra Just a thought if you still have a problem with the connect sound on the minis: If they are muted then they make no sound on connect. So the automation could be something like the following, assuming that you keep them muted as default:

  1. Make simple announcement (like "i" or a single space " " seems to also work) to make sure the connection is active (no sound or connect sound due to muting)
  2. Unmute
  3. Make TTS announcement
  4. Mute

Though this will add some latency to the system, it would keep the dogs sane.


Michael, that's a good idea!
My dog has finally gotten used to it (I think) so not so much of an issue now.

However; I'll look at adding this as an optional switch to the 'speech synth' side of things as it may be useful for someone else.
Personally, most of my announcements are not time sensitive, in that, adding a second or two before speaking would not affect things.

Thanks for the idea



@aaron, @keithcroshaw

Thought you might want to know that Apple Music support is coming to GH and hopefully we finally get Sonos integration by Q2 this year.


Yes I know!
And they pulled the discount that's been tempting me on the Music app!

I will probably commit now... After I fix my Jeep that sounds like 1990 Toyota for no good reason...


Really bad comparison, a 1990 Toyota was my first car... it was really good. Maybe a Ford :joy:


Just imagine a Jeep that sounds like this thing in your mind: