Google Home Mini - A great little tts speaker


I'll just be here waiting for @Cobra app since that's exactly what I want to do, turn off responses to certain minis at certain conditions.


I never said I would release it :slight_smile:



Doh! Come on, you know you want to! lol

and Mike's Github listed on that post no longer exists! :grin:


I know, I was going to look at it, but I don't need to now.
I have already completed my app (although probably not coded any where as good as Mikes)


My app works with: Motion, Time, Mode, Switch
Any of these can turn the speaker on or off.

@Royski is beta testing it for me as we speak, but I have other work to do at the moment
I have found a couple of issues with the restrictions which I have corrected.
Unfortunately that is added to each and every one of my apps, so they all need to be fixed before I do anything else.


I'll just ask nicely and say pretty please.


FYI, bumped into a deal on these at Costco yesterday.. 3 for $70. Not bad for someone who is looking to load up on them.


Installed 2 ($25 ea) yesterday as speakers only (with their own G account), Went great. Thanks everyone!

Unless I've missed or misinterpreted a setting somewhere on the speakers, HE TTS overrides the Do Not Disturb schedule on G Home.


HE TTS uses the Cast feature. So, GH thinks you are playing music or some other media. The Do Not Disturb setting is for announcements and whatnot from GH or broadcasts from other Google Assistant Devices. The Do Not Disturb doesn't apply to "cast" media because GH assumes that if you're requesting it to play, you want it to play. You would have to implement a Do Not Disturb function into whatever is issuing the TTS request to GH in the first place.


adding to @Ryan780 answer, if you use the old community integration using a rPi, your not disturb setting in GH will work, but as Ryan said, HE integration is like playing a song.


Thanks, that's what I figured but I'm not fluent on G Home yet. I thought it worth pointing out, though, for other noobs designing their RMs. You're not going to want "Outside floods are off." blaring in the master bedroom at midnight. But you may want -say- intruder alerts.


You can choose each device for the rule, for intrusion choose master bedroom speaker but for outside floods choose living room speaker.


I'd recommend putting a mode restriction on whatever rule is doing the announcement for HE. That way, if you're in sleep mode, for example, it wouldn't do the announcement at all. I have all my announcements restricted through a master "Audio Alerts" virtual switch that I turn off while I'm sleep, on a conference call, or away from home. That way my neighbors don't have to deal with my announcements either.


Is the default voice your HE settings for text-to-speak?


The voice it uses is the one set in HE settings.




This is the one I though sounded closest to the original GA voice, at least in the US. It was fun trying the different accent voices too :nerd_face:


Ok just checking. Is there any way for us to select a different voice manually or through RM....OR through Message Central?

So all home announcements we use Brian; our British butler, but for important messages or alerts I would like to use a different voice. Thoughts on how to do this?



@royski is reporting no issues up to now with my new app
and I have been using if for a few days without any problems so I'll probably release it soon.

You will need to update the Cobra Apps container and add a new parent & child

So far you can redirect sound using.

  1. Motion (if active, the local speaker will accept TTS)
  2. Time (set times for certain speakers to be active)
  3. Mode (turn on/off speakers with mode)
  4. Switch (if switch is on speaker is active)

All the usual restrictions (presence, time, switch etc) are also in the app so you could use a combination

Please bear in mind that we cannot test every scenario, but up to now everything has worked as it should.
I'll let you know when it's ready for release



There is a way, but only for 'fixed' messages (i.e ones that don't change and have no variables)
As HE caches the mp3 that is created, if there is no change then it will use the cache and won't go to the 'net to create the tts mp3

So.. you could change the voice then trigger the message, then change it back.
In theory future triggers should use the original voice

The other way to do it is to use MC with mp3 playing, and record important messages as mp3s
I use this for important messages and normally 'salli' for everything else