Google Home linking is broken

More issues with Google Today (they may have started late last night after upgrading firmware). Today, google was presenting me with "can't connect to hubitat, blah, blah, blah..." so I removed the Google Home App and then unlinked Hubitat from Google Home. I then go back to re-link the Hubitat, it has me auth and then I pick my Hub. It just spins for a while and the the resonse from is just

"The parameter state must be set int eh query string." I'm about ready to toss hubitat out the window as this is my 2nd issue in just a few weeks.

Anyone else having issues

I cannot access local with my mobile. Google is telling me that it cannot reach Hubitat

To clarify I'm getting an error No response from hub on my mobile device. My mobile device defaults to the cloud and then you have to select local From the cloud dashboard

I think it has been suggested that you reboot the HE hub and it might even be worth powering down the HE hub from the web interface and then power it up again.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a problem with Google not properly clearing prior authorizations. Here is a post from @helene7t7 who was experiencing similar issues. It may help you sort out the problems you are experiencing.

Does it save all your organization in the Google Home app or is the solution to this mess to have to rebuild the whole thing again?

That solution is specific to some instances where the Google Home app has been removed and the Hubitat service has been unlinked, and the user is no longer able to link Hubitat to Google.

If you already have Hubitat linked to Google Home and for some reason it stopped working, we do not recommend removing it. Instead, simply rebooting the hub from Settings should allow your hub to reconnect to the cloud. If the problem persists, please send us an email at


One of the 1st things I did was unlink it from google and started from scratched. It was re-linked just 2 nights ago.

Since re-linking the hub it has twice stopped working again. Last night I simply rebooted the hub and magical things happened. Tonight, after it stopped working again I rebooted the hub and nothing.

So I will now start from scratch again with google integration.

I wouldn't recommend starting from scratch. I'd like to look into why it stops working. That is not normal and needs to be addressed, first, or else you will likely continue to start from scratch endlessly. Please PM or submit a ticket to so we can further investigate.

I ran the update tonite and it broke all my Z-Wave connections to google home only, Lutron switches were unaffected. Unlinked and linked, restored previous ver of firmware, which was perfect before the upgrade. Now has me looking for solutions. Not cool.
Any help would be appreciated.

My problem, after talking to the fine folks at Hubitat is that my social integration was hosed due to my error. I converted from a social login to a hubitat email login and didn't use the same email address. So, my old social login was and then I created a hubitat login with At that point, hubitat got confused. The guys at hubitat had me change my login by adding a new user to hubitat as my original social login email (I created a user on hubitat portal and then made that user admin) and wham'o.. everything was working again.

FYI I was able to resolve it, by resetting my Google Home Hubs and redoing my Google home settings from scratch. Everything works again, was a bit of PITA troubleshooting. Yet it was my last resort that did the trick.
Also gambled and ran the .128 update..crossed fingers.. all good.

I was a bit premature with that response. After feeling too confident I upgraded to 130. Shortly thereafter my google home devices stopped working. I have a mix of Z-wave and Lutron light switches. Lutron - all good. Z-wave.. "Hubitat is not available at this time" . Solution, again.. blow away the Google Home Hub to defaults.. unlink everything .. re-add it.. ok.. again.