Google Home Integration will not sync devices from Hubitat

An issue I've been dealing with for the past 2 hours:

  • If you go on Google Home and unlink the Hubitat account, it will unlink.

  • Then go back through Google Home and connect to Hubitat, it will link back up. I then select 10 devices to authorize.

  • After they are authorized, Google Home wants to then have you set them to room. The problem is it will only have 5 devices on the screen.

  • After going to Hubitat > App > Google Home, it will only show 5 devices were authorized.

  • I've gone as far as unlinking Hubitat again from Google Home, verifying it was removed from the Hubitat, then connecting again 15 minutes later with the same issue.

  • I've also removed Google Home from Hubitat, unlinked it, and tried connecting again to the same 5 devices.

  • If I also don't select the same 5 devices from each time connecting, it will still show only those 5 devices still!

  • I've also gone into Hubitat > App > Google Home and selected and authorized the other devices I need but they never show up on Google Home.

  • I've also rebooted the Hubitat Hub.

  • I also wrote down the 5 devices that kept being added to Google Home with no issues and tried to connect Hubitat to Google Home again without selecting those 5 devices and randomly choosing 5 other devices and after selecting them and authorizing/confirming them, they NEVER synced to Google Home and after reviewing that new connection to Google Home, there is no linked services for Hubitat. The 5 random devices I selected were working earlier this morning so I know the devices are compatible for the integration.

Please advise.

What devices are you trying to link to the stock GH integration? It supports thermostats, bulbs switches and dimmers. (At least those are the ones I'm aware of.) The Hubitat GH integration does not support devices like contact sensors, motion detectors, and other common devices.

The confusing part is the HE GH app lets you select any device, even if it's not supported.

If you want to have more supported devices the community provided GH integration may be better for you.


@danabw I previously had the 12 devices hooked up to Google Home earlier this morning.

As a test, I wrote down the devices that keep appearing with no issues and then re-connected Google Home to Hubitat and did not select those devices that area working. I then selected 5 random devices out of the group of 12 minus the 5 know devices (Philips Hue bulbs, Philips Hue groups) and then connected to Google Home. After the connection, the 5 random devices did not show up and Google Home is telling me the connection to Hubitat never happened!

Now to take it a step further... inside Hubitat > App > Google Home, after connecting Google Home to those 5 devices that will only hook up to Google Home shows the devices, if I remove 1 device, it will instantly update on the Google Home (disappear) but if I try to add the device back through Hubitat that was just working, it will not show up.

I'm now facing a new issue where Hubitat will not connect via Google Home. I guess server issues?

Could be a short-term problem. When I used the stock GH app w/HE, for all supported devices it worked normally, no issues. Haven't seen your issue that I remember.

Most likely rate limiting from Google. With all the constant changes your doing deleting and recreating it can lock you out (happen to me before).

Wait till the next day, open the logs (post them here when done) select the devices you want in the app and click done. The logs will tell you what's been booted because no support.

Then in GH use synchronise my devices, then go to the bottom and add them to the rooms/house.

@BorrisTheCat Haven't tried yet but where can I access the logs (GH or Hubitat side)?

Click on logs and open another tab to run through the app. You can click debug logs when in the app and when you ask GH to sync it will generate more.

@BorrisTheCat As I'm still pretty new to Hubitat, where are the logs located for this before I start? I want to make sure I'm going to pull the right logs.

I know prior to hooking up to Google Home that I have to start the integration on the Google Home side first (via my phone) before it shows up on Hubitat.

Update:. I found the logs. I noticed that I have (6) Google Homes that I can select in the logs. Interesting enough, it says the devices aren't compatible but the 5 other devices are exactly the same as them and were just added earlier yesterday morning. The only thing I did was rename the bulbs on the hue side.

Down at the bottom of the HE menu:

The suggestion is to right-click on Logs and open in a new tab in your browser. Then go back to the original tab and select the GH app and complete steps in the app to add the devices you want added. Then you should see log entries for the changes you make in the app like below. You can click on the Google Home entry on the log page to see log entries from it.



@BorrisTheCat - I don't actually see a debug log option in the GH app.

@danabw I haven't integrated yet but in the logs, I see (6) Google Homes. After clicking on them, it shows the devices aren't compatible.


  • They were just integrated yesterday morning
  • The 5 devices are the same thing as the incompatible devices

It's been a while :slightly_smiling_face: maybe it just gives them anyway.

The issue will be that they haven't been fully ran yet then, for example a RGBW lamp when you join it it may just show level and temperature because that what it is currently set at. When joining to GH it's looking for curtain things IE RGB settings and level and state. So to get this logged on the driver you need to change it to some colours then to different whites and levels. Once that's done the current states will be filled in and it will join to GH. What devices are you trying to join?

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These are all the different versions you made. Don't worry once you stick to one (or don't click past logs for now) it will eventually get overwritten and they will go.

Philips Hue bulbs. Originally, I created groups in Hubitat and added each bulb specifically but after a few days... was told I could pull in the rooms from Hue and use as groups. Tried it out and it worked and that I didn't need to create additional groups in Hubitat and I could also see the levels of the groups.

I then earlier in the morning added them to Hubitat and later in the day decided to rename the bulbs and that's when everything kind of went haywire.

Confused? Didn't you do this here


Where did you rename them? Screen shot the place please.

@BorrisTheCat @danabw
After taking a look at all the groups from Philips Hue, the groups that will no longer sync to Google Home are my Philips Hue (white only) bulbs.

Just to add, I have not started the process this morning of trying again. Just looking at the logs over the past 24 hours.

Initially, when I integrated with Philips Hue, I pulled in all the bulbs separately then created "Hubitiat Groups" under Apps. When I integrated with Hue, didn't see the area to pull in Philips Hue "rooms" as groups when I hooked up Hue to Hubitat. When I was using Hubitat Groups, it would not show the dimmer levels of the groups, etc. and when I brought in the Room from Hue, now I can see all the levels.

Now, I had already added them to Google Home previously before renaming the bulbs in the Philips Hue app. And the reason for that is.... Google Home sometimes has had issues if the device has the word "light" in it and we (the wife and I) were getting tired of fighting with Google Home so I figured I'd change the the name them from lights to bulbs so Google Home wouldn't get confused anymore. Example: Kitchen Light 1, Kitchen Light 2 renamed to Kitchen Bulb 1, Kitchen Bulb 2 from within the Philips Hue app. After, I went into Hubitat > Apps > Hue integration and did a refresh and noticed all the new names appeared. However, I had to go to each device on Devices and rename all the labels from "lights" to "bulbs".

After that, I noticed I started having issues with Google Home so I unlinked Google Home from Hubitat. After unlinking, I noticed that in the Hubitat > Apps area that Google Home still existed. Refreshed the page and it still showed so I went in a deleted it.

I went back to Google Home from my phone and tried to reactivate the Hubitat and that's when I noticed I could no longer add those groups to Google Home.

After reviewing all my notes from yesterday on trying to re-link with Google Home a few times, I noticed that the groups in question are only White-only bulbs from Philips Hue that will not hook up to Google Home. Not sure why they will not re-link to Google Home as they were "initially" hooked up. After reviewing the logs, I can see that it shows that it will not add those white-only bulb groups to Google Home and only the color bulbs.

As a test, I toggled the Group "Office" to ON from the Philips Hue App and noticed the group in Hubitat was not showing that the lights were on. I checked the Dashboard and also the group under Devices. I toggled the groups a few times with about 30 seconds between toggling and nothing updated in Hubtiat. Now, if I toggle ON/OFF in Hubitat, I can see the status update along with inside the Philips Hue app.

I'm watching the "Live" logs from Hubitat and not getting any logs when toggling from within the Philips Hue app. I can see sensors updating, like temperatures, etc, but when I toggle lights on from the Philips Hue app, there is no activity from any bulb. If I toggle from Hubitat however, I can see the activity.

As another test, I tested a single color and white bulb and turned then off in Philips hue and there is no status update in either Live Logs or from the Devices' pages. However, if I toggle via Hubitat, then I see stats starting to update in the Live Logs and Devices' pages.

After reviewing, I noticed that polling for Philips Hue is set to 1 minute. However, I've watched 3 minutes for 1 group and they never updated.

That's not correct so something was wrong there, mine show all that.

Yes this is the better way but you can also bring in the individual lamps aswell if needed.

Not a good idea to control from the app due to this, the status doesn't get pushed to HE. Best to only control through HE.

Correct because HE to Philips can be pushed, just not the other way.

All correct and how it works.

When I integrated into Philips Hue, I have both the bulbs and room groups under Devices for my Hubitiat setup.

@BorrisTheCat The real question here that really remains is why doesn't Google Home allow for Philips Hue groups that only contain white only "Philips Hue White A19 -" bulbs to be added and controlled?

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