Google Home Integration throws error: the parameter "state" must be set

I hate to resurrect an old thread, but this seems to be happening again. In the AM yesterday, (7/29/22), there was no issues with the link between the Google Home and my C7 Hubitat. In the evening all the devices in the Google home app showed Offline, but worked ok in Hubitat. Attempted to relink the account in the "Made for Google" selection, logged into the hubitat site, and got "The parameter "state" must be set in the query string". Did not see many other threads on this.

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This error is usually generated when a user attempts to authorize an incompatible device with Google Home. If you are using a custom driver, please be sure the capabilities are all compatible with Google Home.

Currently, Google Home Integration only supports the following: switches, dimmers, thermostats, RGB, RGBW and ColorTemperature bulbs.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I kind of thought that as well, so prior to opening the thread I removed all the items from Hubitat, and attempted again to re-link the account and it still failed. Also just to add that my devices have not changed in weeks, that was linked from Hubitat to Google Home, it worked in the AM, and everything was offline in Google Home in the evening.

I was doing further Troubleshooting, and one of the things might have fixed it, just in case this happens to someone else. Have no idea WHY it happened, but at least it is working.

  1. Opened up Googles Account Linked page and un-linked the Hubitat
  2. Rebooted the C7.
  3. Disconnected my phone from the home wireless, (just in case my Pi-Hole or firewall was blocking something).

When I went to re-link with Google it it worked, sorry for all the chatter, thanks for the support!

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I had the same problem. I just rebooted my hub and went into the Google Home integration app and pressed Done. All good after that.

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yeah i didnt want to setup it all again so i restarted my phone and my hubitat and it worked

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