Error setting up google home integration

Yes, where is this hotfix? I really would like it too. I have FW version Version:

Anyone ? I really would like to get my Hubitat working w/ my 11 Google Home Speakers in my house. I cannot migrate my devices from my SmartThings hub to the Hubitat w/o it since voice commands will no longer work and my wife will kill me :stuck_out_tongue: @chuck.schwer @mike.maxwell

If you’re running current firmware,then you already have the hotfix. Hotfixes are just minor version upgrades to the Hubitat Firmware.

I am running current firmware but still have the issue :frowning:

@bobbyD :slight_smile: Looks like you helped someone else in a different thread :slight_smile: Can you help me with this issue? Support is not replying to my email so :frowning:

Sorry for the delays. I am trying to get to your ticket as soon as possible.

I am also getting the same error...

I am having the same error too. Need help!

Me too. Can't get past this point in the Google Home setup.

Possibly this issue?

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I was having this problem and was just able to solve it. When I entered my public and private keys into Google, I cut and paste them from the Hubitat web UI. It looks Chrome won't let you copy/cut the keys. Since the step before includes entering your hub id (which looks like a private key) it isn't very obvious that you are accidently entering your hub id into both key fields.

You can write them down or use the DevConsole to grab them. Once I entered the right keys it worked perfectly.

I am getting the same error. However, I cant get past the initial integration step.

  1. add a new device as 'works with Google'
  2. search and select Hubitat
  3. enter user and pass
  4. select my Hub, click next
  5. then I get "The parameter "state" must be set in the query string."

There is no step asking for a hub id. I have the latest firmware and have rebooted the device.

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Same here. Watching this post..Hoping for a resolution!

Anything on this yet?

I have the same issue and cannot find an answer. New to hubitat and this is my very first and only light I am trying to set up. I did log out via as suggest, but that did not work either.

I noticed the app scope hadn't been properly added in mine, so redid the account linking making sure it was properly set and it worked

Thanks. For the record, google support blamed Hubitat and Hubitat blamed google. I had to wipe the HE to factory and reset the hub up with a new name.

Make sure you have the scope set to app under Account Linking

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