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Have followed documentation on set-up, but I never gets to see to confirmation, "Accounts now linked" . Yet the Apps sections shows my Google Home and if I go back to the GH app and make changes, it appears in my HE Apps area. So I'm guessing it's working???

That is first part, because I'm now lost in translation, what do I do next to get the voice commands on the GH recognized by the HE hub? I've read something about Yes, but you'll have to build something called Google Assistant Relay . It's a node.js server that talks to Google Assistant. Community supported, not Hubitat supported." But I have have no idea about the next steps to get voice control over outlets...

Download and follow the instructions from ogiewon. Easy to follow and worked for me.

Assistant relay is used to pass broadcasts or custom commands from HE to GH. If you are trying to use voice commands to GH to turn on your lights, you do not need assistant relay.

If you want to have voice commands go from GH to HE, first things first, delete the Google Home app from HE, if there is one there. Then go to the Home app on your phone and add the Hubitat integration again but this time, choose only one device. Preferably a switch. This way, it will link your accounts. Then, go into the Google Home app in HE and add the other devices that you want to Google home.

The problem you're running into is that one of your devices is unsupported by Google home and it can handle that if you are adding devices but now when you are first linking.

Tried to link just one outlet from GH and it did show up in HE. (Still do not get the confirmation, "Accounts now linked") Don't see the HE hub in GH list of devices though...
Any voice command into GH is replied " I can't help with that yet" or it "doesn't understand".
So I'm still wondering if I would need more connections - ie: rule that sends the commands to Google Assistant using the Google Assistant Relay driver ??? [Google Home Integration - Just got my Hubitat]
Previously had this IRIS outlet working with Google Home Mini before - but that was then - this is a whole new world for me.
Will keep plugging away at it and any suggestion is much appreciated.

You can't connect devices from GH to HE, only from HE to GH. You won't be able to see devices connected directly to GH in the HE app.
You have to go back into the app inside of the HE portal and add the other devicea you want to control.

Do you have devices added in you Google Home App in Hubitat?
If so, try saying to Google Home " Hey Google, sync all my devices"
If Google cannot. My guess is GH is not linked to HE.

Have you tried rebooting your Hub then proceed again with the following steps;


Send BobbyD a message. he can assist.

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Finally, some success after updating GH app and running it from my wife's phone.
We both have accounts and different voice recognition, so she was able to go through the Google Assistant and connect the GH to HE account. We only set up one outlet from the HE list and it is now responding to the voice commands. So Ryan780, your assessment of not needing relay, rules, etc. was correct - it seems the issue was within the Google Home/Assistant set-up or maybe an outdated GH app I'm running.
Thanks for assistance.


CurtisZM, I also just ran the HE update, so it seems that either reboot could have helped make the connection work.

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